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Over the course of more than a decade, Sterling Steel has upgraded critical equipment areas and modified the process of its wire rod mill. The most recent modernization phase involved the installation of a pre-finishing mill, using a Morgan Vee Mini-Block, a new Morgan Water Box and shear with utility systems and automation. The new mill configuration adds more stands to the mill for better drafting and is designed to improve finished product quality by providing a more uniform entry temperature and better control of the feed section into the No-Twist® Mill. The new shear improves cut length accuracy and decreases the amount of trimming to reduce yield loss. This paper explains the changes made in the mill, the features of the new equipment and automation system, and how this modernization phase resulted in significant increases in rolling speed, production rate, mill efficiency and product quality.


Kermit Reins
Sterling Steel Co. LLC, Sterling, Ill., USA

Neil S. Gow
Primetals Technologies USA LLC, Worcester, Mass., USA

Wade P. Krejdovsky
Primetals Technologies USA LLC, Worcester, Mass., USA

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