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Plant Process Automation

Plant Process Automation

Modern and powerful process control and optimization systems ensure a safe and user-friendly plant operation. This comprehensive spectrum of solutions developed by Primetals Technologies is marketed under the name pure.automation.

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of cost-effective automation applications for all production units in the iron and steelmaking industry from one single source. This includes powerful process control, stable process optimization systems and solutions for quality-assured production. As repeatedly demonstrated, our solutions can significantly improve the performance of production and the quality of your products and enable the production of new steelgrades (e.g. for the automotive industry). Consistent operator guidance and process information across all metallurgical units permit the steady control of production. This leads to plant-wide standardization for maximized plant performance, availability and flexibility. Process tracking functions provide sufficient documentation of iron and steel production as well as the extensive acquisition of quality related data.

​Leading basic automation, process control, technological packages and process optimization systems created by Primetals Technologies play a key role in stable processes and high system availability. pure.automation solutions combine technological, operational, electrical and automation expertise and generate improvements throughout the complete value chain of our customers.

Our automation systems support standardized operations and homogenous iron and steel production resulting in highest product quality. Moreover our solutions enable the intelligent use of energy and raw materials. A modern human-machine interface – pure.hmi – provides for optimized process overview and maximum usability of applications.

For all plant units in the iron and steel production chain we offer solutions on all automation levels:
Basic automation systems (level 1 automation) – provide the platform for sequential and closed loop control and ensure a safe and user-friendly plant operation

Technological packages – standardized packages combining process technology, mechatronics and automation
Process optimization systems (level 2 automation) – comprise efficient operator guidance, advanced metallurgical process models and expert systems for optimization of production processes
Quality improvement – quality control systems for individual plant units as well as through-process quality control


For more information on automation solutions for different plant types please follow the corresponding links:

 Hot rolling long

  • Bar Mill    
  • Rod Mill   
  • Section Mill
  • Endless Rolling    
  • Efficient Heating 

 Hot rolling flat

  • Hot Strip Mill
  • Plate Mill    
  • Steckel Mill    
  • Plate-Steckel Mill
  • Endless rolling Mill  

 Cold Rolling

  • Tandem cold mill     
  • Coup pickling line & TCM
  • Reversing cold mill  
  • Skin-pass mill, Temper/DCR Mill   
  • Special steel Mill (e.g. stainless) 

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