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Mini Mills for long products

Mini Mills for long products – from scrap to the finished product in just two hours

Primetals Technologies offers around-the-clock plant monitoring coupled with clearly defined processes, uniform manuals, assured parts availability, and a globally available team of specialists – for minimized shutdown times and high performance throughout the lifecycle of the plant.



With a thriving steel market, electric steel plants have established themselves as the most efficient alternative to converter steel plants. The name “Mini Mill”, which originally denoted smaller, locally focused capacities, has long been synonymous with high performance, economy and flexibility.

Two factors are always vital to the performance and productivity of your Mini Mill for long products: the quality and configuration of the individual equipment units and the overall plant performance. What is needed is an overall layout that optimally accommodates all complex technical, metallurgical and logistical relationships and thereby generates time, cost and productivity advantages that are difficult to achieve through partial solutions. Primetals Technologies will design a solution to meet your specific plant needs, integrating product expertise, deep plant engineering experience, process optimization, and a full line of support and training.



Leading basic automation, process control, and process optimization play a key role in stable processes, flexibility, productivity and high system availability. Our systems generate improvements in steel production by combining reliable solutions for power supply, drives, and automation with technology-specific applications.

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