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At Primetals Technologies you have the opportunity to both apply and build your expertise and develop your career in a range of professional directions, all this whilst working with a diverse network of experts working on challenging and exciting projects.


As a member of our team, you’ll be given opportunities, the sky is the limit when it comes to your personal and professional development.

It’s ultimately up to you to determine how far you want to go, but we’ll provide the tools you need to get there - including opportunities to work internationally and to move between businesses and career areas to broaden your skills. Join us and together we can move the world of metals forwards. Find your future with us by learning more about what we do.

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Technology and innovation

Be responsible for the development of superior products and solutions and their technically perfect implementation at our customers’ plants all over the world. Help to convince the customers with outstanding technical expertise and economic insight. You perfectly know the performance of a technology, its applications and limitations. In a cross functional approach, drive efficient and effective research and development activities, technology deployment and intellectual property protection over the whole lifecycle.


Whether your expertise is metallurgy or process, physics, digital, chemical, civil, mechanical and E&A engineering, we have opportunities for you to learn, grow, develop and contribute. Our engineers apply their expertise and use our technologies to create, design and install complex technological products and plant solutions within the project lifecycle – from bid preparation, design and manufacture through to construction, commissioning to final acceptance. Their role involves working together with other engineering disciplines, suppliers and customers both in our offices and across customers sites across the world.


Our manufacturing employees’ aptitude, talent, skills and passion allow us to excel at all we do. Join us and you can help Primetals Technologies build something better. Our manufacturing teams enhance the competitiveness and reputation of Primetals Technologies by providing the most reliable components and large scale equipment for customers worldwide. They optimize operations to realize maximum efficiency and productivity through production planning, process and industrial engineering, product repair and manufacturing equipment maintenance activities.

What do our employees say about their role at Primetals Technologies? Watch the video to learn more. Do you want to learn more about our roles?

Basically, there are no barriers at Primetals Technologies. If an idea is good, then we work together to bring the idea to life."

Lukas Petzold

Process Engineer


Digitalization is one of the strategic focus topics for Primetals Technologies. We see digitalization as the new driver for innovation including digitalization of know-how and modern software and IT expertise together with the metallurgical process know-how, that creates a wide range of new digital products. Our digitalization experts develop and implement digitalization solutions from sensor systems to production management and quality control systems for the entire production process chain. With our global set-up we realize local support and long term-partnership with our customers to offer specific solutions & services based on our know-how and their individual requirements.

What do our employees say about their role at Primetals Technologies? Watch the video to learn more. Do you want to learn more about our roles?

The beauty of my work in mechatronics is that we have so many new developments that you feel like a pioneer every day."

Claudia Hemmelmeir

Product Manager for measuring instruments

When we implement new ideas and develop products that are unique in the world, that makes me proud."

Nicole Oberschmidleitner

Head of Mechatronic Products Department



Our sales teams work to build life-cycle partnerships with our global customer base through thorough understanding of their current and future needs and by developing and offering innovative technology solutions jointly with our technology & innovation and engineering teams. They negotiate and close deals and then act as the internal voice of the customer ensuring our customers’ expectations are met and liaising with customers through all phases of a project and beyond.

Supply chain

Our international supply chain teams are responsible for the procurement of equipment, components, engineering and services throughout the entire project management process. They work on complex, international projects. As a member of this team, you will work together with our engineering and manufacturing functions to understand the needs of the projects and select the suppliers that can best meet our expectations. In addition, during the project execution phase, you will work with our project management teams to ensure quality, delivery and cost meet the contract.

Project management

Our project managers support all phases of a project from bidding through to execution. As we execute complex customer projects large and small all over the world, excellent project execution is critical to our success. Our project managers have responsibility for executing these projects on time, to the required quality and within the given budget. Working together, side-by-side with our engineers, manufacturing and supply chain teams and with partners and customers to ensure we deliver excellent solutions.


We utilize our experience and technical expertise to provide world-class operational and maintenance solutions to our customers to reduce costs, increase productivity, ensure safety, maximize plant service life and utilization and to improve the quality of our customers‘ products. With consulting and training activities, we improve our customers‘ plant performance and employees‘ skills. Our modernization services extend the life of our customers‘ plants at higher productivity and product quality.

What do our employees say about their role at Primetals Technologies? Watch the video to learn more. Do you want to learn more about our roles?

I have the opportunity to change things with new business models, for example. I‘m very proud of that."

Bojan Jozic

Commercial Sales Manager

Business Support

Quality & Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

You will be responsible for the analysis, development and operation of quality systems and tools to meet customer requirements. This includes ensuring a profound understanding of our customers’ needs, facilitation of methodologies, process management, continuous improvement activities, business process re-engineering, embedded quality and preventive activities. This job family also includes product safety, environmental protection, health management and personal safety.

Other Functions

Given the nature of our business, in order to enable our business to succeed, our business support functions provide the guidance and support in all finance and accounting, IT, legal, people and marketing.

What do our employees say about their role at Primetals Technologies? Watch the video to learn more. Do you want to learn more about our roles?

Here at Primetals Technologies we have the practice of training young employees on the job. They get a mentor and learn with appropriate accompaniment."

Miljenko Solje

Head of Finance Primetals Technologies Group