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Build your career with talented people who share our passion for the metals industry

The metals industry will witness major changes in the next decades. Smart plants and self-learning robots will become a reality, while ultra-efficient ecological solutions will ensure wide-scale green production. Do you want to make a meaningful contribution to this development? Welcome to our team.

What is it like to work at Primetals Technologies?

As true pioneers, we provide opportunities to work with a diverse and supportive network of colleagues who are passionate to work on challenging projects and world-moving tasks – around the globe.

We are at the forefront of innovation to move the world of metals industry forward. Our attitude is driven by our global and diverse identity. We are passionate about metallurgy, mechanical engineering and digital design – but we are team workers and therefore grounded. It’s the fire in our belly that makes us go the extra mile. We empower our people to take ownership, to work together using their technical and commercial knowledge to deliver value-add solutions for our customers. Are you ready to become a pioneer?

Check out if we are a good fit for you

To provide an insight and help you check if we are a good fit for you, we‘ve identified the essential elements of Primetals Technologies.

  • Identity: We are global. We are multicultural. We are progressive. We love what we do. We are at the forefront of innovation to move the metals industry forward.
  • World-moving tasks: The world’s largest steel producers produce on our plants. Millions of people benefit from the prosperity that arises. We are proud of that. This gives a meaning to our work.
  • Teamwork: As united team players we are willing to share our knowledge and best practices examples. We leave no team member alone with difficult decisions. The mutual support makes our team strong.
  • Team- and technology performance: Become the heart of innovation. From engineering to the fully autonomous steelworks: our world offers a variety of tasks for technology-loving people and team players.
  • Passionate and grounded: It’s the fire in our belly that makes us go the extra mile. No project is too big for us and none too small. While continuously evolving, we never lose sight of the needs of our customers, employees and society.