Apprenticeship with Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH

Apprenticeship Training in Linz

We are looking for young, enthusiastic, and dedicated trainees who are prepared to learn and to apply the skills and abilities acquired within the company. You will receive thorough training based on supplementary in-house training and external seminars. The aim is to focus on your soft skills in addition to your professional training and to realistically determine your capabilities and limitations. The importance of communication should be experienced and your own communication patterns individually analyzed so that they can be developed.

We offer apprenticeships in the following professions:

  • Office Administrator
  • Design Engineer specializing in metal engineering
  • Mechatronic Technician specializing in automation technology and PLC technology
  • Information Technologist specializing in engineering

Our training program

It goes without saying that we are focused on making sure you are professionally prepared for your career. Our instructors in each of the specialist departments ensure that you receive comprehensive practical training in line with the specialist training curricula for each apprenticeship trade.

  • Scheduled rotation cycle in specialist departments
  • Internal supplementary training in English by a native speaker (2 hours per week)
  • External seminars to support and further develop soft skills (communication, conflict management, dos and don'ts in business, etc.)
  • Additional telephone training
  • Additional training in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SAP
  • First aid course
  • Excursions (e.g. visit to voestalpine Stahlwelt, incl. guided tour of the plant)

On successful completion of your apprenticeship (with or without the Matura school-leaving certificate) your opportunities for further education and promotion will be excellent. Behind the global success of Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH are committed and enthusiastic people. Perhaps you will be joining them!

Seize the opportunity of a career with training – We look forward to your application!


Duration: 4 years

Job description:

Design engineers for metal engineering plan, develop, and manufacture building and construction parts made of metal (e.g. steel, iron, aluminum). Their products include roofing, façade elements, doors, gates, stairs, window frames, and protective grilles.
They use modern CAD programs (CAD = Computer Aided Design) for their designs. CAD includes computational tasks, automated drawing, and computer-aided design. The technical data, drawings, and plans created using CAD can be forwarded to other (downstream) functional areas, e.g. to computer-controlled (CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing) production plants and production lines.
They read and create technical documents, working drawings, and assembly plans, determine work steps, work resources, and working methods, assess the work results, and carry out quality controls.

Main areas of training:

Surveying of models and production of sketches
Production of standardized drawings of parts, components, and assemblies in metal engineering
Drafting of components in the form of elevations, vertical sections, front views, ground plans, oblique views, and perspectives
Carrying out technical calculations
Calculation of material requirements
Selection and provision of materials
Designing and manufacturing of metal parts and components
Planning, controlling, and coordinating manufacturing processes
Recording technical data, creating technical documentation
Advising and informing customers
Liaising with suppliers and subcontractors
Maintaining operating records, maintenance and service protocols, technical documentation

Training format:

Rotation cycle (annual or semi-annual) through a different department
Internal supplementary training in English by native speakers (2 hours per week)
External seminars

The collective agreement for mines and iron-producing industry currently provides for the following apprenticeship remuneration:


1st year of apprenticeship€ 749,49€ 967,83*
2nd year of apprenticeship€ 959,01€ 1.253,97*
3rd year of apprenticeship€ 1.254,67€ 1.526,48*
4th year of apprenticeship€ 1.656,75€ 1.750,37*

*this apprenticeship remuneration applies if you are already 18 years old when you start your apprenticeship

Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH supports its apprentices and rewards special achievements:

  • Additional discounts in the staff canteen
  • Extra day off for your driving test
  • Premiums for good and very good academic grades
  • Premiums for very good results in the apprenticeship competition


The apprenticeship year at Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH begins on 1 September. Apprentices are already selected at the beginning of the year. Therefore, you must apply by 15 March at the latest and submit the following documents:

  • Letter of application
  • Resume
  • Current photograph
  • Copy of school leaving certificate 8th grade
  • and please provide a telephone number and e-mail address

Once your application has been thoroughly checked, we will invite you to an aptitude test. Invitation to the aptitude test is contingent on the successful completion (= in the main subjects German, English, mathematics, with grade 1 or 2 in each case) of the 4th grade Hauptschule/NMS, as well as completion of the 9th grade or completion of the 8th/9th grade at a general or vocational secondary or higher school.
The aptitude test includes German, English, estimating and numeracy, geometry (for design engineers, mechatronic technicians only), as well as general knowledge, and takes about 4 hours.

The results of the aptitude test as well as your documents determine whether you are invited to the next step, the job interview, which takes place together with your legal guardian.

Our decision is ultimately based on your application, the aptitude test, and the job interview. The entire selection process will be completed by April. We will always keep you informed about the individual steps.

So apply now!

Use the online application form for

  • Design Engineer


Or e-mail

Or mail your application to:
Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH
PTAT HR TR / Mr. Niederhuber
Turmstraße 44, 4031 Linz

Your contact person
Bernhard Niederhuber
Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH
PTAT HR TR / Hr. Niederhuber
Turmstrasse 44, 4031 Linz
Tel.: 0732 6592 - 74114

Education for practice - Certificate
Show what you are able to do and work on with quiz questions on different educational contents for your "Education for Practice" certificate - a nice addition to your application documents!