Motors and Drives

MOTORS AND DRIVES — Decades of experience and proven technologies

Innovative drive systems, customized to meet the needs of your plant.

Steel plants, especially rolling mills as well as processing lines, depend mainly on uninterruptible processes and on the quality of the steel rolled. As a result, drive technology plays an essential role. The drives that we deliver are dimensioned in accordance with the customers plants and metallurgical process and can be integrated seamlessly into higher-level automation systems. Because of their extremely high dynamic and static accuracies, the drives strictly adhere to speed and torque standards. We are able to deliver the complete drive system: transformers, converters, and motors – matched exactly to each other. We rely on premium suppliers for drive systems, which provide highly flexible drive solutions and allows for scalable power demands, required by modern drive systems. Standard functions like metals drive control applications, drive sequence control, operator control, diagnostics, communication with higher automation levels are included.

Tailored to your needs

Motor and drive combinations are dimensioned based on their purpose. The defined product mix can be rolled with the best and most reliable selection of motor/drive combinations and thereby the customer will have the security to be getting the best and most future-proof drive system solution for their investment with a high potential for cost savings and growth of earnings.

Modernization and revamp concepts

Primetals Technologies has decades of experience in modernizing metals plants and drive systems.  This is why we can guarantee that any replacement will be executed swiftly and result in equal or superior drive performance – no matter if you’re replacing existing motors and DC- or Cycloconverters to the latest version of the same technology or if you’re upgrading to new, state-of-the-art AC-converter technology.  Primetals Technologies' experience also assures that any such modernization project will be completed within the specified shutdown time and that the production schedule will hold.

Optimizing existing drive trains

Our experienced engineers will recalculate the existing drive train with the new pass schedules and prepare the new drive concept by reusing as much of the existing drive train as possible. Thereby we maximize potential increases in production or benefits from changes to the product mix and minimize investment costs. Our customers get a single and reliable point of contact for all their needs

A global network

We provide a network of over 100 experienced drives engineers for metals applications, all over the world. Therefore we can assure fast bug-fix solutions in case of a fault, and service contract solutions for all your needs.

Proven drive solutions

Primetals Technologies gives you the attractive option of combining motors and drives from different suppliers. Any requested combination will be considered, so that you can save costs on the maintenance side and your crew can work with drive systems they know well and are able to react to quickly, should any issues arise.