Electrolytic Cleaning Lines


Electrolytic Cleaning Lines (ECL) enable the removal of the remaining iron fines and oil residues from the tandem mill.

Advanced ECL technology delivers outstanding strip cleanliness before the coils reach the downstream batch annealing furnace so that perfect surface cleanness is achieved. This type of line could also be used as a coil build-up line. Modules such as payoff reel, shear, welder, cleaning section, etc., are common with galvanizing lines to maximize training/the knowledge database and the quantity of spares between lines.


To decrease the strips, Primetals Technologies has developed a “cleaning solution” (dipping or spraying, type of brushes, type of electrolysis, type of rinsing, fume exhaust) optimized in terms of:

  • Investments costs
  • Operating costs
  • Environmental impact
  • Design
  • Maintenance and operation

Main Benefits

  • Improved strip cleaning technology of different design  
  • Hot alkali dunk tank or spraying tank
  • Vertical electrolytic cleaning tank or “V” shape electrolytic cleaning tank
  • Strip immersion enhanced by turbulent technology
  • Automatic cleaning of the spray bars (no need to dismantle the spray bar)
  • Self-adjustment of the brushes intermesh
  • High-pressure rinsing
  • Easy roll change
  • Cleaning design for fast and efficient strip cleaning
  • Fully automated line presetting and program change for increased yield and throughput capacity
  • Integrated environmental solutions
  • Optimization of utilities consumption

Mechatronic machines for Electrolytic Cleaning Lines

In-house mechatronic machine: Mash-Lap welding machine designed, assembled and tested in our Primetals Technologies workshops.


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The efficient and uninterrupted production of high-quality value-added products in strip-processing lines can only be assured by the application of advanced automation and process-control systems. This is particularly true for seamlessly linked processing lines where the varying speeds of the individual plant facilities have to be optimized to ensure best product quality and maximum output.

Our portfolio of solutions includes the following systems and models

  • The Pickling Optimizer for uniform pickling
  • The Automatic Strip-Quality Detection System to gather and classify all quality data
  • The Steel Quality Manager to document quality of discrete strip segments
  • Adaptive Elongation Control to achieve closest elongation tolerances
  • DynaWipe for fully automatic zinc thickness control
  • Closed-Loop Galvannealing Process Control to control the iron content in galvannealed coatings
  • And Fully Automatic Pickling Liquor Analysis and Control to ensure optimal pickling results


  • Reproducible and consistently high product quality
  • Higher product yields and output
  • Full transparency of all process and quality-relevant data
  • Reduced maintenance with automatic diagnostic systems
  • Process simulation and thorough pretesting of entire automation system
  • Fast line start-up  

Lifecycle Services - improve performance while reducing costs

Service and support from a single source — fast, experienced, reliable

As your lifecycle partner, we provide you with comprehensive operational support, which helps you operate your plant at the lowest cost possible. Our portfolio includes maintenance and repair services as well as the fast delivery of original manufacturer components, produced in-house according to the highest standards of quality.

We fully integrate maintenance organizations into our customers’ organizations, thereby proving what it means to be a true lifecycle partner. The result of this win-win relationship between steel plant operators and Primetals Technologies is continuous improvement in equipment performance, product quality, and total cost of ownership.

Our customers can rely on fast and uncomplicated support in the event of an unexpected component breakdown, wherever their facility may be located. Backed by global resources and a worldwide supplier chain, we can promptly provide you with top-quality original spare and wear parts at competitive prices. We keep a range of key parts in stock to ensure their fast availability.

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Integrated Plants & Solutions for electrolytic cleaning lines — Experience that Matters

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​Reference Story: Full process turnkey processing line high technology

The Siam Unitesteel Co., Ltd.,Thailand

Type of plant
Electrolytic cleaning line

Technical Data
Strip thickness: 0.18 – 1.2 mm
Exit Strip width: (Max) 1300 mm
Line Speed (Max): 700 m/min