Casting Technology: Focus - Casting Platform

Classroom Training


This one-day course provides an insight into the process-technological aspects of the continuous casting of flat products (slabs), from the ladle to the tundish and submerged entry shroud/nozzle, right up to the start of solidification in the mold. The entire technological process—as well as the relevant process parameters and characteristics related to their interaction, influences, and effects—are explained.

Particular attention is paid to the influence of process parameters on machine components at the casting platform and associated automation. Basic information regarding steel chemistry, steel metallurgy, fluid dynamics, and thermodynamics are explained insofar as these are useful, applicable, and required for a better understanding of the technological core processes.


Maintenance engineers, process operators, foremen, casting maintenance workshop staff, as well as casting maintenance and servicing personnel


  • Principles of teeming, casting and solidification
  • Core process-steps and machinery
  • Emergency systems
  • Mold solidification
  • Steel chemistry and metallurgy basics
  • Plant engineering
  • Related fluid dynamics and heat transfer
  • Refractories
  • Handling, maintenance and operational aspects

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