Continuous Casting Optimization - Advanced Models Suite

Classroom Training


This course offers a comprehensive insight into the Continuous Casting (CC) optimization model suite, comprising DynaPhase (calculation of temperature-dependent material properties), Dynacs 3D (dynamic secondary cooling system with 3-dimensional temperature profile), and DynaGap Soft Reduction®3D (fast thickness change for improved quality). Nozzle Expert can also be offered as part of the course, upon request.

The Dynacs3D setup—with its thermal tracking model and set-point calculation model—and configuration of DynaGap Soft Reduction 3D, as well as its interaction with the Dynaphase model, are explained. The main focus is on the creation and tuning of cooling and gaps, flexible maintenance, and system setup for offline tuning and simulation prior to application to the production system. The powerful, built-in offline simulation package will also be presented.


Process engineers, metallurgists, process operators, as well as programmers and administrators


  • Introduction
  • Basic model suite background information
  • Pre-calculation and examination of steel grade properties
  • Cooling control setup (configuration of cooling and other settings, application to production)
  • Gap control setup (configuration of gaps and other settings, application to production)
  • Setup of simulation system on the PC
  • Simulation (dynamic simulation, script file simulation)
  • HMI system (user interface)
  • Operation (situation handling)
  • Customer related questions

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