Electric Arc Furnace and Ladle Furnace Design

Classroom Training


This course aims to give plant operators and maintenance teams an insight into the basic conceptual design of an electric arc furnace (EAF) and ladle furnace (LF) equipment. The design of the furnace transformer and electrode regulation system is key to the performance of the equipment and will be demonstrated in this course.

The main components of the furnace will be analyzed and the basic concepts of the mechanical design discussed. The course includes a demonstration of the design of the main components, after which the key performance figures for the furnace are discussed.

The electrical/chemical energy balance will be demonstrated and analyzed. Plant optimization figures will be shown.


Process engineers, metallurgists, process operators, maintenance teams


  • Introduction to electrical steelmaking
  • Electrical energy: primary and secondary lines
  • Chemical energy in arc furnaces
  • EAF components
  • LF components
  • Furnace performance definition
  • Key Process figure definition and calculation
  • Maintenance of electrical arc furnace and/or ladle furnace

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