Electric Steelmaking and Raw Material Logistics (Mini Mill)

Classroom Training


Primetals Technologies' unmatched experience in plant design is at the heart of this course, which is designed to enable participants to evaluate the material flow in a melt shop, mostly in terms of raw material logistics and understanding the set-up of a mini mill.

Scrapyard design, raw material position layout, bunker sizes, and logistics are defined and demonstrated during the course.

Various material characteristics will be evaluated, and different kinds of furnace material charges, as well as the transport methods, will be analyzed. The course also encompasses plant productivity calculation and verification.

The basics of Mini Mill set-up are addressed, taking into account the measurement of plant productivity and the definition of the required steel quality. The combinations of different plant aggregates and possible layouts are also discussed. The course concludes with an economic evaluation session.


Process engineers, metallurgists, process operators, maintenance team


  • Introduction to melt shop steelmaking
  • Material flow
  • Raw material definition
  • Scrapyard layout
  • Material flow logistics
  • Mini Mill setup: layout
  • Mini Mill aggregates
  • Economical and productivity evaluation

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