Guide & Roll Pass Training

Practical Training


The objective of this course is to train participants in proper guide maintenance and service techniques, thus helping to maximize the guiding performance potential. The course includes guiding fundamentals and also an in-depth look into the underlying theory.

Guides can be one of the most under-appreciated and subjective pieces of equipment in a rolling mill. At the same time, roll pass is often seen as a mysterious practice that only a select few are capable of grasping. To facilitate a better understanding of both topics, this course will lead participants through a full exploration of fundamentals, concepts, theories, and design. Course modules begin with basic concepts and definitions and then progress to more complex theory, working examples, and hands-on training. With a more complete understanding of roll pass and guides, participants are given the confidence they need to apply their new skills and help maximize the performance of their mill.

Guide training courses are offered on demand and are tailored to the specific needs and equipment of the participants. Training can be held either at one of Primetals Technologies' facilities or at the customer’s site.


Guide shop and mill operations supervisors, management, and personnel that require or would benefit from the knowledge to properly service, maintain, and operate guides and related equipment


  • Roll pass theory and concepts
  • Guide theory and fundamentals
  • Guide types
  • Engineering requirements
  • Maintenance and operation
  • Optical and mechanical setup

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