m.crane - Automated Engineering of Hoisting Drums

Classroom Training


This course offers comprehensive training in the use of the online tool m.crane and teaches participants how to identify problems in the hoisting mechanism. This includes establishing reasons for the early wear of hoisting drums, as well as associated components such as couplings and ropes.

Using a real-life example, technical drawings of a hoisting drum will be generated and the benefits of the online tool will be illustrated. The drawings generated will be checked and modified, if necessary. Furthermore, new systems and developments in the field of crane maintenance and predictive technologies will be explained.

This course is designed to enable participants to identify reasons for hoisting drum wear and to define indicators; to increase the lifetime of the hoisting drum as well as other components such as ropes and couplings; to improve the efficiency of the hoisting mechanism through improved design.


Mechanics, maintenance engineers, cranes technicians


  • Introduction
  • Identify a worn hoisting drum
  • Identify reasons for early wear of ropes, couplings, and drums
  • Determine the mechanism group (classification) of your hoisting device
  • Learn how to use the online tool m.crane
  • Generate preview drawings of the hoisting drum and compare to the real world
  • Check the result of the online tool and instantly query the manufacturing price

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