Process Optimization Training (FMEA)

Process Optimization Training (FMEA)

Process Training


Do you think your production processes could improve? Production interfaces may turn into obstacles and failure costs end up pushing for a necessary change. FMEA can be a valuable to identify process areas that need improvement, reducing costs by increasing efficiency. This course can be adapted to your specific needs, production lines and participants. A large Chinese steel plant has recently been able to considerably optimize its production facilities and processes after participating in three customer-specific FMEA training courses, which paid off all investment in training.

Our courses - on site or at our facilities - consist of the theoretical basics plus learning by doing tailored to customer-defined problem areas in your plant.


Dependent on your needs


  • FMEA set up
  • FMEA preparation (document scans)
  • Preparation of function analyses
  • Function analyses
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analyses
  • Risk calculation/evaluation (RPN)
  • Optimization of evaluated risks for processes
  • Optimization (improvements) of processes

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