Primetals Technologies came into being in January 2015 as a joint-venture company through the combined efforts of Siemens and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) as a means of providing you, our customers around the globe, with even better service than was previously possible through two separate companies. The two parent companies brought together their activities in the metals business to form a new and even more powerful technology supplier, which is what Primetals Technologies is today. The distinguishing features of the new company include:

  • 40 locations around the world in close proximity to our customers
  • Technologies and services along the entire value chain
  • Highly skilled in-house manufacturing expertise and capacities
  • Two strong parent companies with the background to ensure financial stability and creditworthiness

Since accepting responsibility as CEO of Primetals Technologies, my first and foremost target was to ensure the timely and efficient integration of our new company, while focusing on providing cutting-edge technologies and services to customers today and in the future. Now, one year after the founding of Primetals Technologies, we have advanced quite far along the path of integration, and the main integration elements will be finalized by the end of this fiscal year in March 2016. But we are also aware that not all integration topics can be achieved overnight. So we are continuously working to further optimize our activities for the benefit of our customers. Our leading principle therefore remains as “best of both” and maximizing the synergies of technologies, R&D, resources, global presence and diverse cultural backgrounds. 

All of our efforts in the end revolve around technology. Our company is a technology-focused enterprise and a full-line supplier of world-class, innovative solutions for all steps in the value chain of the metals industry. In addition to our specific industrial experiences and competences, we also can draw on the technological background of our mother companies MHI and Siemens, including, but not limited to, production expertise and a broad selection of systems equipment in electrics, automation and drives.

Environmental technologies are also playing an ever- increasing role – especially in emerging markets. Primetals Technologies is well positioned to assist producers to reduce emissions, energy consumption and raw material usage. But even for manufacturers in mature economies, we offer technologies that help cut energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. A prominent example is the EAF Quantum electric furnace, which can provide a 30% reduction in CO₂ emissions. 

In the future, we will also see a growing integration of IT in the metals industry, from Level 1 basic automation and Level 2 process optimization with improved sensor technology, all the way to central production and resource management on a plant-wide scale. We look forward to accompanying our customers on their journey to Industry 4.0 in the metals sector.

Especially in times of tough market conditions and financial challenges in the global steel markets, the comprehensive service portfolio that we provide to our customers is of vital importance. Primetals Technologies, with its worldwide network of service locations and workshops, offers a broad range of lifecycle services up to complete maintenance outsourcing for steel plants. On top of routine maintenance, our company excels at upgrading plant automation to improve and optimize plant efficiency. 

Throughout 2015, I have talked with many of our customers in Europe, the United States, Japan, and other parts of Asia. At the Metec fair in June – the world’s largest trade fair for the metals industry – our new brand Primetals Technologies along with its complete product portfolio was prominently on display for the first time. A strong emphasis was placed on our technological competence and innovation power, which for me is the touchstone of how our company is perceived by the market. Encouragingly, most of the feedback that I received confirmed the positive attitude about our joint venture. The complementary product portfolios and the different cultures of the two former organizations is a benefit toward meeting the specific needs of steel producers at their individual locations. Primetals Technologies is ideally positioned to support its customers to successfully master the industrial challenges that lie ahead and to maximize product value. This issue of Metals Magazine focuses on down-stream technologies and state-of-the-art solutions to excel in the market. May I invite you to join us as we strive toward

“Creating the future of metals as one.”

Yasukuni Yamasaki 
CEO and Chairman of Primetals Technologies, Limited

Yasukuni Yamasaki
CEO and Chairman of Primetals Technologies