Message from the CEO



This is the first time that I have the pleasure of introducing you to a new issue of Metals Magazine. My name is Satoru Iijima, and I was appointed Primetals Technologies' new CEO on April 1, 2018. Today, I would like to take the opportunity to talk to you about three things: about stories, change, and success.

My own story is deeply interwoven with the metals industry at large. I studied mechanical engineering at WASEDA University in Tokyo and started my career at Mitsubishi Corporation in 1986. My assignments brought me to Dusseldorf, Germany, where I worked as a manager for the Plant and Heavy Machinery department for five years, and, later on, to the United States. Before taking on the role of CEO of Primetals Technologies, I was in charge of our U.S. based company locations. As with my earlier responsibilities, this position allowed me to learn, to further refine my understanding of what metals producers care about in this day and age, and to grow as a person. I am sure that my current function will equally shape me on a personal level and mark one of the most relevant points in my biography.

“I firmly believe that ultimately our success—
the success of Primetals Technologies—is 
closely linked to that of our customers..”

But it's not only people who have a story to tell—the same is true for technological solutions. Primetals Technologies is well-known for its innovations, many of which originate from constant dialog with our customers. Our engineers are determined to solve problems on behalf of our customers and develop new solutions in close collaboration with their own experts. This issue of Metals Magazine presents a large number of new technologies and tells their stories—how they came to be, what challenges had to be met during their realization, and how they changed the way that steel and other metals are produced. I am proud of all the technological breakthroughs that we as a company have made, but especially of those that have served as a catalyst for the kind of change that still resonates within the industry today.

Change is also something I want to bring to Primetals Technologies in my role as CEO. We will clearly continue to provide our customers with all the things they have come to expect from us. We will continue to listen closely to their needs, and we will partner with them to find the ideal solution for their respective purposes. We will assist our customers in determining what business strategy and what product portfolio will enable them to succeed in the industry in the future. But we will also change the way we work and some of our focus areas: We will double down on our already significant efforts in the field of digitalization. We will put even more attention on environmental technologies. And we will never stop asking ourselves how we can best contribute to future-­proofing the steel industry 
in an ever-evolving world.

Finally, I would like to talk about success. I firmly believe that ultimately our success—the success of Primetals Technologies—is closely linked to that of the metals producers we work with. I am committed to ensuring that the worries of our customers are also our own worries. I am dedicated to solving the problems our customers are facing, with smart, holistic, and highly innovative solutions. Our extensive R&D efforts are directed toward the development of new and improved technologies that will give metals producers a head start on their path to the world of tomorrow—
a world where Industry 4.0 technologies are essential for sustained success. These technologies lead to better end products, highly efficient operations, and 
more environmentally friendly production. 

I look forward to joining you, our valued customers, on this journey toward a bright and digital future, and I will always have an open ear for any questions or suggestions you might have. Together, we will be stronger, and together, we will be successful. 

Satoru Iijima
CEO and Chairman of Primetals Technologies