Higher Reduction with Smaller Rolls

Shinichi Yasunari ...

... did groundbreaking work on the HYPER UCM and is now a Deputy Head of ­Project Management at Primetals Technologies.


Demand for advanced high-strength steel grades in the automotive industry has seen remarkable growth over the past few years. In automobiles, thinner-gauge high-strength material reduces fuel economy and increases safety at the same time, and thinner, harder electrical steel sheet increases efficiency in motors for electric vehicles. The HYPER UCM (Universal Crown Control Mill) from Primetals Technologies is tailored to satisfy exactly these demands: with work rolls 20–30% smaller than the predecessor model, it can roll thinner gauges of higher-strength material with fewer rolling stands.

Shinichi Yasunari was key in developing this pathbreaking new generation of UCM. He started his carreer at Hitachi in 1986 and had worked his way up to head of the Cold Rolling Project Division at Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery when the company became a part of Primetals Technologies. Embarking on an ambitious project to improve the UCM, he and his team of engineers carried out a comprehensive study to find the ideal combination of roll diameters for backup, intermediate, and work rolls so as to achieve optimum strip shape and keep contact pressure between rolls in the defined range. The result—what we now call the HYPER UCM—has higher reduction ability, delivers outstanding product quality at higher productivity, and lowers investment and maintenance costs at the same time. Shinichi Yasunari continues his pioneering work at the Hiroshima location of Primetals Technologies.