Reduces the total final product cost. High-level technological solutions are combined in a unique compact installation. A small size plant can become competitive against the traditional larger Mini Mills.

Addressed to product-cost based markets, WinLink reduces the requirements of both the capital and operation expenditures. A reduction of the total final product cost is provided through high-level technological solutions in compact installation. A micro-size smart plant has become more than competitive to the traditional larger Mini Mills WinLink is the innovative technology for endless or semi-endless production of long products from liquid steel without interruption. A high-speed caster is directly linked to a high-availability rolling mill, where the conventional billet furnace is replaced by an advanced induction unit, resulting in a compact and energy efficient production line. WinLink enables low investment expenditures, reduced transformation costs, significant energy savings, higher yield, smaller land requirements and reduced emissions of carbon dioxide. It represents the excellent solution to replace existing lines or to enter into new market areas.

WinLink direct rolling

WinLink is an innovative technological process for the endless production of long products from liquid steel. 
Through the direct linking of a high-speed billet caster to a rolling mill with high availability in a very compact production line, producers benefit from energy efficiency and low environmental impacts, at minimum investment and production costs.

WinLink is the Mini Mill concept built on the experience acquired from the Arvedi ESP process for the endless production of flat products.

WinLink ensures to reduce the final product cost in a product-cost-based market by minimizing Capex and Opex through high-level technological solutions.

WinLink represents the excellent solution to replace existing production lines or to enter into fast developing market areas.

WinLink allows a small size plant to be competitive against the traditional Mini Mills dimensioned for larger capacities.

A typical WinLink layout includes:

  • EAF and ladle furnace state-of-the-art meltshop – for the adjustment of the required composition and temperature before casting
  • High-speed billet caster – for the direct feed of rolling mill.
  • High-efficiency induction furnace – to equalize the temperature of the billet before rolling. Replaces conventional gas or oil re-heating furnace
  • High-availability rolling mill – equipped with Red Ring stands, high-performance quenching and tempering, quick change devices, stand pre-setting and gap control systems
  • Comprehensive electrics and automation – for smooth plant operation, maximum availability and integrated process control, along the complete production line.

CAPEX advantages of WinLink over a conventional Mini Mill

  • Smaller footprint and reduced civil works
  • Fewer equipment and lower infrastructure requirements.

OPEX advantages of WinLink over a conventional Mini Mill

  • Lower consumption of energy, fluids and consumables
  • Higher yield and reduced incidence of cobbles
  • Lower scale formation, no short bars or bar crops
  • Lower inventories and working capital
  • Fewer operating personnel
  • Finished rolled products produced from scrap in less than 2 hours.

Environmental advantages of WinLink over a conventional Mini Mill

  • Energy savings
  • Lower emissions of carbon dioxide and smaller water consumption
  • Softer visual impact of plant, with smaller buildings and lower usage of land