In-House Test Facilities


Proven Expertise

We build on reliable quality. Therefore, Primetals Technologies uses in-house test facilities for all steelmaking processes – including smelting, hot and cold rolling, as well as surface treatment. Our test system is able to meet a broad spectrum of needs and guarantees best quality at all times.

Tried, tested and true

Global R&D testing and optimization facilities of Primetals Technologies and its cooperation partners

As a world-leading engineering and plant-building enterprise for the metals industry, Primetals Technologies places the highest priority on ensuring that all supplied plants, equipment and technology are fully proven and meet contract specifications and project requirements. To this end, the company – together with its cooperation partners – has at its disposal some 60 well-equipped testing and optimization facilities located at 23 sites worldwide. All steps of the iron and steel production route as well as nonferrous technologies are covered