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Primetals Technologies offers a complete portfolio of blast furnace technologies and know-how, meeting the highest demands of performance, reliability and environmental compatibility.

Primetals Technologies has provided blast furnace engineering, project excellence and expertise to customers world-wide for over a century. Our technology base covers the entire blast furnace process route from hot blast and raw material handling, through the furnace and casthouse, to gas cleaning and hot metal / slag processing. Our solutions extend from minor plant upgrades, through products and automations systems, to complete turnkey installations, all executed by our expert project management teams. This single-source capability forms the basis of fast project completion and start-up, for the complete range of solutions from small to ultra-large blast furnaces.

​Adapting to Market Requirements

In a rapidly changing economic climate you need a technology supplier that can meet your changing needs. Well engineered plants are the basis for long-term, successful and profitable operations and as a blast furnace operator you need to maximise production from both new and existing blast furnace capacity, assuring a continuous and reliable supply of hot metal  at uniform quality and lowest possible costs. As a steel producer, you need to minimise down-time and to ensure that your plant operates at the optimum cost basis. With over 200 plants supplied worldwide to date, we have the background and experience to meet your specific needs.


  • ​Single source supplier for all blast furnace equipment and service.
  • Technologies to minimise operating costs whilst maintaining hot metal production and quality targets.
  • Reliability through engineering and design excellence: to minimise production downtime and maximise campaign life.
  • Reduced emissions below the legislative limits, whilst realising fuel-efficient operation.
  • Immediate and long-term service for the entire life-cycle of your investments.
  • Advanced control and automation systems to ensure safe and stable process conditions whilst minimising operator interaction.


In order to optimise your investment planning and operational flexibility, we have developed world-leading solutions in all the blast furnace plant areas to deliver major improvement when undertaking repair, rebuild / reline or even new plants:

  • State of the art, stave-cooled stack linings with intensive furnace stack monitoring systems - including anti-bend and anti-wear.
  • Increased hearth volume for longer campaign life, with in-house refractory specialisation for repairs and problem solving.
  • Hot blast stove replacement or repair with options for optimised hot blast temperature and gas utilisation. 
  • Dry and Wet Gas cleaning delivering state of the art environmental performance.
  • Casthouse and taphole equipment providing reliable, safe and flexible operations.
  • Furnace top charging systems and fuel injection fully integrated to the material feed control philosophy.
  • World-Class automation and control systems (Level 1, 2 and Expert system).
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Intelligent automation for ironmaking

The blast furnace process control system in combination with the blast furnace optimization system creates the next level in intelligent blast furnace automation. The optimal interaction between sophisticated models and the expert system provides extended assistance to plant operators and minimizes the risk of human errors.

Our solutions

Cost-optimized operation, process improvements that don’t compromise burden-material selection, the highest product quality, and achieving and maintaining your desired productivity are the core challenges for our most advanced blast furnace automation system. The optimized burden calculation with precise chemical targets and subsequent closed-loop controls form the basis for producing hot metal and slag at the highest quality, while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

The optimization system provides easy access to all process parameters, material properties, and productivity data - including charging information, chemical and physical burden material, and process measurements so that the optimal conditions for producing hot metal and slag at the best quality level can be determined. The system guarantees shift-independent plant operation where manual interactions are reduced to a minimum. The result is smooth blast furnace operation 24/7, increased equipment lifetime, and reduced production costs.


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  • High productivity - Blast furnace is running at peak performance while minimizing consumption of electrical energy and fuel 
  • Product quality - Chemical properties of hot metal and slag are maintained at the desired levels
  • Reduced fuel consumption - The hot metal’s temperature remains constant through small modifications of the fuel rate, based on the thermal conditions of the blast furnace
  • Stable and shift-independent operation - Best-practice blast furnace operation 24 hours a day to ensure efficient production
  • Fast response to market demands - Quick and flexible reactions to market requirements as well as unexpected situations
  • Return on investment - The standard period is expected to be less than one year

Lifecycle Services — improve performance while reducing costs

Service and support from a single source — fast, experienced, reliable

As your lifecycle partner, we provide you with comprehensive operational support, which helps you operate your ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling and processing facilities at the lowest cost possible. Our portfolio includes maintenance and repair services as well as the fast delivery of original manufacturer components, produced in-house according to the highest standards of quality.

We fully integrate maintenance organizations into our customers’ organizations, thereby proving what it means to be a true lifecycle partner. The result of this win-win relationship between steel plant operators and Primetals Technologies is continuous improvement in equipment performance, product quality and total cost of ownership. 

Our customers can rely on fast and uncomplicated support in case of an unexpected component breakdown, wherever their facility may be located. Backed by global resources and a worldwide supplier chain, we can promptly provide you with top-quality original spare and wear parts at competitive prices. We keep a range of key parts on stock to ensure their fast availability.

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Integrated Plants & Solutions for blast furnace — Experience that Matters

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Get striking results with incremental investments

DynaTac High-temperature casting package for reduced or no-spray cooling.
Wear-resistant Copper Staves Wall cooling in higher heat zones of the blast furnace
Bend-resistant Copper Staves Blast furnace cooling in high heat and liquid zones
Material Type Monitor Automatic identification of type of material on conveyor belts
Bag Cleaning Monitor Acoustic monitoring of pulse jet bag filter plants
Equipment Position Monitor Reliable identification and tracking of metallurgical equipment throughout the steel plant
Bag Filter Controller Smart control of bag filter cleaning for dedusting plants
Lance Checker Test and diagnosis system for liquid iron and steel measuring devices
VAiron BF optimizer Process optimization for blast furnaces
Lomas Gas analysis system for very hot corrosive and dust-loaded process gases

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