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May 09, 2018

The “6th INTERNATIONAL STEEL INDUSTRY& PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES CONFERENCE” took place in one of the world’s largest cities, Istanbul, on May 9th, 2018. Most of the more than 80 participants were Turkish steel producers, component manufacturers, and from associated fields to the iron- and steelmaking industry such as logistics, trade, magazines and public governmental affairs. The contribution of Primetals Technologies was a speech by Kurt Herzog who heads the Industry 4.0 team on the topic ‘How Digitalization can boost Quality, Productivity and Flexibility in Steel Production’ which was received with great interest by the audience. Kurt Herzog emphasized once again that the ‘strategic goals’ of the steelproducer, like cost competitiveness or new steel grade production, is of utmost importance. This will then lead to different Industry 4.0 solutions in Production Management System, Through Process Automation, and Computerized Maintenance Systems. Thus, automatic transformation of sales orders to process and quality instructions can increase the utilization of production facilities. With continuous recording and supervision of quality parameters, implemented rule based expert system, such data storage allows big data analytics. In combination with the metallurgical know-how of Primetals Technologies downgrading of certain steel grades can be eliminated and other corrective actions can be taken easily. Maintenance data is also available for analytics and deep learning in order to select a suitable maintenance strategy to maximize asset performance of the steelplant. See also the short YouTube video the Metals Orchestra.


At its conference booth, Primetals Technologies showed with so called VR (virtual reality) goggles some 3-D animations of its technologies like Quantum EAF, cold rolling facilities or pickling lines. The users of such goggle were also able to visit artificially one plant built by Primetals Technologies in Brazil and walk along Copacabana’s sandy beach while still being present at Primetals’ booth in Istanbul – see photo. Another eye-catcher was that by using hidden QR-codes on regular layout printouts, the responsible sales manager of Primetals Technologies showed on their I-Pad astonishing impressions of 3-D effects on such drawing since it looks like that by going with the camera of the I-Pad over such drawing a plant is built right in front of the observer.


Although ‘digitalization’ will influence not only steelmaking society, many leaflets were still collected by the audience from Turkey, India and Libya. Many of the attendants were convinced that challenging times are to be conquered by the Turkish steel industry (e.g. the night before the US president announced that US will pull out from the Iran nuclear deal).

2018 International Symposium on Thin Slab Casting and Direct Rolling (TSCR 2018) – Wuhan, China

April 25 – 27, 2018

TSCR 2018, jointly organized by the Chinese Society for Metals, China BaoWu Steel Group and Chinese Academy of Engineering, was successfully convened from April 25 – 27, 2018 in Wuhan. The technical experts and scholars from domestic and abroad discussed on thin slab / strip casting and rolling technologies. As sponsor of the event, Mr. Andreas Jungbauer (PTAT) delivered a keynote speech “The History – Presence – and Future of Thin Slab  Casting and Rolling” at the plenary session and Mr. Thomas Lengauer (PTAT) made a technical presentation “Achievements at Rizhao Steels’s New ESP Complex Setting New Standards” at the parallel session.

Tube & Wire Düsseldorf 2018 - Düsseldorf, Germany

April 16 - 20, 2018

More than 71,500 visitors from 134 countries came to Dusseldorf, Germany to learn about trends and innovations in the Tube and Wire industries. The Primetals Technologies Long Rolling business shared their expertise in wire rod mills, while the Furnace Technologies team promoted its portfolio of heat-treat furnace solutions.

The first China Electric Steelmaking Forum - Beijing, China

April 16 - 17, 2018

The first China Electric Steelmaking Forum was successfully convened on April 17, 2018 in Beijing by Chinese Society for Metals (CSM). Over 450 representatives from government, steelmaking corporations, electric furnace manufacturers, investment and financing institutes, colleges, research institutes and media, participated in this forum. As the sponsor of the event, Mr. Achim Winkhold from Primetals Technologies Germany and Mr. Yang Tao from Primetals Technologies China introduced the EAF Quantum - a quantum leap to the future of electric steelmaking technology.

X. International Industrial Forum Chelyabinsk - Chelyabinsk, Russia

April 10 - 12, 2018

The Tenth International Industrial Forum "Reconstruction of Industrial Enterprises – Breakthrough Technologies in Metallurgy and Machine Building" and the 18th International Exhibition "Ural Industrial and Economic Week" was held from 10 to 12 April in Chelyabinsk. Primetals Technologies was an official partner of this event and it was presented following topics: Industry 4.0 and Blast Furnace Production technology for the following companies: Mechel, MMK, Metalloinvest, ChelyabGipromez. We thank the collaboration of our business partners who visit us at the event, as well as our speakers Markus Ringhofer, Paul Freeman, David Osborne and Dieter Bettinger for their great presentations.