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Ensuring transparency across the entire fleet of vehicles. This system enables real-time monitoring and is geared toward boosting fleet efficiency.

Primetals Technologies new tracking service monitors all technical parameters in real time, feeding back information such as whether a truck is currently operational, its location, tire pressures, and even the road conditions. Not only does this allow planned budgets to be adhered to, it also enables fleet managers to locate specific trucks and drivers at any time via GPS. m.fleetguard will even send alerts whenever a scheduled route is changed, or if a technical problem is detected. m.fleetguard helps you to stay within your allocated budget and to curb costs, while also detecting technical issues early on and allowing you to take preventive action.


m.fleetguard in a nutshell

The day-to-day challenges of fleet management can be incredibly complex, ranging from the location tracking of each truck to monitoring the condition of the vehicles. m.fleetguard’s tracking capabilities can help you minimize costs, streamline the maintenance process, and even lower insurance premiums.

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