At first glance, the image depicted on the title page of this magazine is immediately identified as a violin. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the image is comprised of thousands of smaller pictures of metallurgical plants and metals-related scenes. With the use of a special computer program and with access to a database consisting of more than 50,000 photographs of plant references of Primetals Technologies, a computer selected and assembled the best metallurgical scenes to generate the targeted violin picture. But why a violin?

Three of the world’s most prestigious metallurgical events recently showcased the latest developments in the steel industry: The AISTech 2017 conference was held on May 8–10, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.; and the ESTAD and ECCC conferences simultaneously took place in Vienna, Austria on June 26–30, 2017. At these events, Primetals Technologies stood apart from all other companies with a record number of technical presentations that covered every step of the iron and steel production process. 36 company papers were presented at AISTech 2017, 55 papers at the 3rd European Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD 2017), and 16 papers at the 9th European Continuous Casting Conference (ECCC 2017) – 107 papers in total dealing with the latest technological innovations, process improvement solutions, and highlights of the most recent plants supplied by Primetals Technologies. 

Interestingly, these conferences all occurred in cities that are especially renowned for music. Nashville, site of AISTech 2017, goes by nickname “Music City,” and is widely recognized as the songwriting and country music capital of the world. Vienna, which hosted the ESTAD and ECCC conferences, is universally acknowledged as the world’s classical music capital. More famous composers have lived and written music in Vienna than in any other city on the planet. 

The violin mosaic image thus symbolizes both the musical heritage of the Nashville and Vienna conference locations, as well as the technological preeminence of Primetals Technologies at all three events. Similar to the compilation of individual plant pictures to form the violin “composition,” the selection and integration of the best production facilities as part of a totally harmonized steelworks is decisive for achieving the supreme target: the production of outstanding value-added products of the highest quality to support producers to remain competitive and thrive in their respective markets. ­Primetals Technologies is dedicated to serving its customers with the most advanced technological solutions to ensure optimized plant performance and long-term business success.

Yours sincerely, 

Dr. Lawrence Gould  
Managing Editor of Metals Magazine
Primetals Technologies, Limited