Casting Solutions in the Digital Domain

Dr. Karl Mörwald ...

... became Head of Technology, Continuous Casting, at Primetals Technologies (at the time VAI) in 1997 and led company-wide R&D efforts from 2008 to 2011.


Many of the digital casting technologies Primetals Technologies is known for would not have come to fruition the way they did, had it not been for the ingenuity, persistence, and commitment to excellence of Dr. Karl Mörwald—among them Dynacs and DynaGap*, which later led to innovations such as DynaPhase and the DynaJet Flex Nozzle. Mörwald sadly passed away in 2011 but left a technological legacy that is second to none. His passion for creating new, smarter solutions inspired those who worked with him, and his spirit can still be felt in the hearts and minds of Primetals Technologies' casting experts of today.

Mörwald was a pioneer in the truest sense, always on the lookout for new opportunities. "He had a strong desire to take things further, and he instinctively knew what aspects of a technology to optimize in order to make the greatest-possible leap forward," say those who knew him well. Not only did he strive to improve existing processes but he also wanted to craft solutions that had never been attempted before. He used his expertise in mechatronics to build new, interdisciplinary teams within Primetals Technologies, which he led to unparalleled results. "Good enough was never an option to him," is the consensus. Mörwald cared strongly about the standardization of new casting technologies to ensure that they could be implemented in a maximum number of plants with minimal adaptation—much to the benefit of many a steel producer and to the immortality of Mörwald's ideas.