Tracking Quality All the Way Through

Dr. Klaus Seyerlehner ...

... is a software architect at ­Primetals Technologies, focused on innovation in the field of Through-Process Quality Control.


While quality tracking and quality assurance on single aggregates is quite common, there hasn't been an overarching system that connects all the dots. Until recently, that is. "Through-Process Quality Control," TPQC for short, is a software tracking system that taps into a wide array of data sources in an integrated plant and covers all parts of the metals-production chain—from hot metal all the way to the packaged coil. It is part of Primetals Technologies' Through-Process Optimization (TPO) and a major milestone for Industry 4.0 in metals production.

Dr. Klaus Seyerlehner of Primetals Technologies Austria has been instrumental in the development of TPQC from the get-go. He had been working on ­process optimization in continuous casting and considered it straightforward to expand the scope of his efforts to optimizing the entire production chain. "One of the biggest challenges was to store the massive amounts of data in a way that maximizes retrieval performance when accessing it," Seyerlehner says. He's particularly proud of the fact that TPQC breaks down traditional barriers between people and departments working on different parts of the production chain, allowing them to share data for mutual benefit. "To be able to project data in any direction, for example, from a slab to the finished coil, but also in the other direction—from the coil to the slab—makes TPQC absolutely unique, and a truly exciting tool to use."