Editor's Column



Just this morning, before coming to work, I went for a ten-mile run. It is something I do regularly—something that helps me to think and to problem solve. I feel quite fortunate to live right next to a large nature reserve in the south of Linz. My favorite trail leads through woods and fields, and continues alongside a river and a lake. There is no traffic and I usually only cross paths with the odd dog walker. For an area so close to one of Austria's major cities, it could not be more peaceful. Even more than the exercise, I relish the opportunity to spend time outdoors. To breathe the clean air and to feel the wind. To hear the birds and the rushing of the water. But only a few decades ago, the area wasn't nearly as pristine. Particularly in the fall and winter, vast amounts of smog would build up. People would complain and long for change. This was before the local steel producer and other companies installed the highly effective environmental technologies they are using today. These green solutions made a night and day difference—and the smog was lifted.

Taking responsibility for the environment is crucial, and the benefits of living in relative harmony with nature are tremendous. If you have children, you will have an even more acute sense that we have only one planet to hand over to the next generation—and that we therefore must look after it. It is precisely this duty to protect nature and to ensure that future generations will be able to lead safe and stable lives that inspired this issue of Metals Magazine. We wanted to draw attention to all the things the steel industry can do—and is doing—to further enhance its relationship with nature. And we know that we are certainly not the only ones that care. At Primetals Technologies, we know just how much steel producers all around the world are genuinely concerned about sustainability. We know that, like us, they unquestionably want to do their bit for the planet. In this magazine issue, we look at innovative ways to make an impact: to turn night into day.

Yours sincerely, 

Dr. Tom Widter 
Editor-in-Chief of Metals Magazine