On-Demand Webinar


Throughout a steel factory, usually different coil transfer systems are installed as e.g. walking beam conveyors, chain conveyors, pallet conveying systems. All these systems have several disadvantages such as e.g. the deterioration of the coils’ surface and edges during transport, time and cost of installation and significant maintenance efforts. And once a system is installed, changes are costly, too.

To overcome these drawbacks, Primetals Technologies has developed the Coil Shuttle System, which comprises gentle coil handling due to minimized coil manipulation steps, therefore protection of the outer coil windings from mechanical damages, fast transport and cost-efficient installation.

Since 2014 Allegheny Technology Inc. (ATI) has been operating 13 coil shuttle cars serving two down coilers. This webinar compares different coil logistics solutions, presents how ATI benefits from the coil shuttle cars, and shows how this smart coil logistics solution can be modularly extended and easily integrated into existing automation systems.

Target audience:

  • Head of Maintenance
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Electrical Supervisor
  • Plant Manager

Key takeaways:

  • Learn more about advantages and drawbacks of different coil logistics solutions
  • Get to know the benefits of the Coil Shuttle System from Primetals Technologies
  • Gain insights how this smart coil logistics system works in praxis from Allegheny Technology Inc. (ATI)




General Manager of HRPF, Allegheny Technology Inc. (ATI)

Lou graduated of the Pennsylvania State University. In 1988 Mr. Koprivnikar joined Allegheny Technologies and has held numerous positions in both maintenance and operations in hot rolling, finishing and melting. Lou joined the HRPF project team in August of 2007. He was responsible for the relocation of all assets at the site, the demolition of all existing structures, and the installation of the SVAI supplied rolling mill equipment. As Plant Manager he worked on the commissioning team to commission the mill for all ATI products. He is also responsible for transportation and yards as well as the #3 Finishing Department. 


Product Owner of MCS Supervisor Systems, Primetals Technologies

Pablo graduated as computer systems engineer before he started his career in steel industry. For more than ten years he has worked as a project engineer and later as a project leader at Primetals Technologies for automation solutions for worldwide steel industry. Pablo has worked already in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. In the last four years, he has been working as lead systems engineer regarding the design, development and integration of MES and warehouse management solutions for steel producers at Primetals Technologies. Pablo is always passionate about new challenges and objectives.


Product Owner for Coil Logistics, Primetals Technologies

Christoph graduated from Johannes Kepler University in field of mechatronics and has up to 8 years of international experience within coil logistics business, working on project acquisition, project execution including commissioning as well as product development. Christoph’s dedication is to continuously evolve the Coil Shuttle System to the best known and best appreciated coil logistics solution at all steel producers around the world.