On-Demand Webinar


The successful commissioning of a process optimization system (Level 2) for a continuous caster relies on seamless collaboration between experts from the steel producer and the solution provider. The ability to remotely commission the system can significantly increase flexibility, help to avoid unproductive phases, and ensure connectivity between experts located all over the world.

But how does this work in practice? What are the requirements in terms of project management and IT infrastructure? How important are IT tools and teamwork between stakeholders?

This 45-minute webinar addresses all of these issues using a best-practice example of caster process optimization solutions successfully commissioned by Tata Steel IJmuiden and Primetals Technologies.


Target audience:

  • Casting Managers
  • Casting Maintenance Supervisors
  • Caster Metallurgists
  • Level 2 Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Automation Managers

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about the specific requirements for the remote commissioning of process optimization systems
  • Understand the importance of teamwork, as well as IT tools and infrastructure
  • Gain insights into a best-practice example for the successful remote commissioning of process optimization solutions (Level 2) at Tata Steel IJmuiden




BOS2 Steel Expert, Tata IJmuiden

Hans Pronk has over 35 years of experience in the steel industry and his earliest responsibilities in a steel plant encompassed hot metal pouring and raking, an area in which he still works to this day. He went on to become team leader for vessels, secondary steel making, and later on shift manager. Hans re-entered education to expand his theoretical knowledge and make the step up to management in all of the “liquid” areas of the BOS plant, including scrap, alloys, fluxes, and consumables. Currently, he is a Steel Expert and Deputy Operational Manager at the Tata Steel Ijmuiden BOS plant.


Technical Project Manager, Tata IJmuiden

Ronald Buisman has more than 25 years’ experience in the electrics and automation of industrial plants. After graduating as an electrotechnical engineer, he gained an HBO degree from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in industrial automation and went on to obtain a master’s degree in Information Management. For the first half of his professional career, Ronald was in management and responsible for electrics, instrumentation, automation, and IT services in the chemical industry. In 2008, he became project manager at the Tata Steel Ijmuiden BOS plant, responsible for replacing process control systems, and has led the BOS2 automation department since 2011. Ronald is adept at connecting people, disciplines, and systems, and is a champion of automation.


Senior Project Manager, Primetals Technologies

Josef Weiss graduated as an electrotechnical engineer before starting his career as a caster Level 2 software developer in Asia 35 years ago, when automation was still in its infancy. During his career, he has been a project manager and project coordinator for process optimization projects (Level 2) for casters and complete steel plants. Josef has managed projects in Japan, Australia, Korea, China, South Africa, Brazil, the U.S.A., Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, and more. Despite so many years in the industry, he embraces each new challenge with equal enthusiasm.