On-demand Webinar

Remote Assistance With Smart Glasses for the Steel Industry

Remote assistance services have been used for some time in several industrial sectors, including the steel industry. Nowadays, the increase of data transmission speed and the availability of new software make it possible to extend the range of remote assistance services and to improve their quality, in order to offer precise solutions to specific operation problems of components or systems. In this scenario, the Smart Glasses audio-visual tool may effectively help in several phases of the steel industry, like commissioning of new equipment, operational fine-tuning and maintenance activities. With the use of Smart Glasses the needs for travel and on-site presence of specialists are reduced.

The purpose of this webinar is to show the advantages (and limitations) of Smart Glasses, and also through questions from attendees to assess how interested and ready the steel industry is for this type of assistance.

Target audience:

  • Heads of maintenance
  • Head of plants
  • Maintenance supervisors
  • Electrical supervisors
  • Heads of digitalization

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how Smart Glasses may improve the plant remote assistance
  • Understand advantages and limitations of Smart Glasses
  • Watch a demo of Smart Glasses use


Electrical Engineer, Primetals Technologies Italy

He has more than 10 years of experience in the engineering of control boards, equipment and systems for the steel industry, as well as numerical-control machines. In the past he supervised the installation of roll shops in rolling mills of flat products. He presently works in the electrical engineering, development and on-site installation of projects. During this webinar, Giacomo will show how the technology and application of smart glasses can be an effective and innovative solution for the remote assistance.

Automation Engineer, Primetals Technologies Italy

He graduated as electronics engineer at Milan Polytechnic University and started his career as automation software developer more than 4 years ago. During his career, he has developed automation systems for steel and mixing plants. Alfonso has developed projects in Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Chile and other countries. 

Service Engineer, Primetals Technologies Italy

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, 11 years ago he started working in the steel industry. During his career at Primetals Technologies he worked as chief engineer in several projects in India, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and in the United Arab Emirates, and developed key skills about product safety issues. In recent years, Fabio has been using his competence in Metallurgical Services, where he is involved in modernization projects, transition to digitalization and Industry 4.0 for rolling mills of rebars, sections and rails.


Head of EA Department, Primetals Technologies Italy

Graduated in Electronic with 20 years of experience in the realization of electrical systems and automation of industrial plants, he has been working for 12 years at Primetals Technologies for the steel industry. After starting as automation software developer for plants in Russia, Croatia, India, Mexico, Spain, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Syria and other countries, he acquired larger responsibilities and competences. In recent years, Mauro has been increasingly focusing on the issues of digitalization and Industry 4.0.