Webinar: Increasing reliability of your continuous casting machines with X-LL bearing units
On-demand Webinar

Increasing reliability of your continuous casting machines with XLL bearing units

In this 45-minute webinar we will discuss the challenges of the conventional design of bearings used in continuous casters as well as how a new bearing design can help to prevent unexpected failure during operation. Additionally, a success story from Ternium Brazil, where the XLL bearing units were installed, will show the advantages of this new approach.

Extra Long-Life Bearings for Continuous Casters

Steel plants are a challenging environment for machinery that creates additional stress on mechanical parts. Especially bearings installed in the strand guide rollers of continuous casters are facing extreme conditions: high temperatures, dirt, water, steam and changing loads due to a dynamic production process lead to an accelerated deterioration. This all leads to premature failure and thus potentially to an increased number of unexpected shutdowns of the entire production.

To withstand all these challenges of the conventional bearings designs that are used in continuous casters, a completely new bearing design was created. These new types of bearings developed by Primetals Technologies are called Extra Long-Life (XLL) Bearing Units and are built to last longer than conventional bearings, because they were designed with the specific demands of steel producers in mind.


Target audience:

  • CCM Maintenance Staff and Supervisors
  • CCM Reliability Engineers
  • Plant Managers

Key takeaways:

  • What are the challenges of the conventional design of bearings used in CCM?
  • How can a new bearing design prevent unexpected failure during operation?
  • Success Story from Ternium Brazil
  • How can the reliability of CCM be further increased?
  • How can maintenance activities become more plannable?




Technology Manager, Primetals Technologies

Franz has been working in the steel industry for nearly 2 decades. During his career he worked as a plant commissioning supervisor, project engineer and workshop manager. Furthermore, he has worked all over to globe in many different large-scale projects in Russia, Saudi Arabia and China besides other countries. Since 2009 Franz is the leading Technology Manager at Primetals Technologies in Brazil. Thanks to his deep understanding of the steel industry and mechanics, he is able to drive the development of innovative products such as the new X-LL Bearing.



Steel Making Plant General Manager, Ternium Brazil

With over 21 years of experience in steel making plants, Leonardo started out as a crane driver at Arcelor Mittal Tubarão. After holding a number of roles, he achieved the position of Shift Supervisor of Continuous Casting gaining experience in people management and results-driven work. In 2008, he accepted the challenge to start-up a new steelmaking complex from greenfield for ThyssenKrupp (CSA) as Continuous Casting Senior Engineer. Following an extended period in this area of work, he was appointed as a Caster and Finishing Manager and shortly after, as a Meltshop Manager. In 2017, he was called to assume the Steel Making Plant General Manager position, bringing with him his diversified strategic vision.