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Turnkey Services

The development and implementation of turnkey plants are executed exactly in line with your individual requirements at prime quality.

The optimization of interfaces is ensured in the process, succeeding right from the start. We focus on creating sustainable economical and ecological solutions for greenfield and brownfield projects. The turnkey solutions competence center offers customeroriented support for the following areas: civil engineering & construction, steel structures, building technologies (HVAC), fire protection, cranes and transport systems, corrosion protection and insulation, wastewater treatment and utilities, installation planning as well as complete construction site management.

Primetals Technologies is your reliable partner with worldwide experience in the development and implementation of turnkey plants. Close cooperation with all our technological departments ensures that projects can be executed exactly in line with your individual requirements at prime quality. We are a complete solution provider as well as a supplier of individual products and services.

Primetals Technologies provides you with various models for turnkey order execution: 

  • EPC Self-Performing: Primetals Technologies takes the contract as the general contractor for Engineering / Procurement / Construction, being responsible for the overall project management of process plant, turnkey services and turnkey equipment, providing own engineering and complete sub-supplier management 
  • EPC Partnering: jointly signing the customer contract with a consortium partner, a split of responsibilities is defined within the consortium.
  • Turnkey Service Model: in the EPCM-model (Engineering / Procurement / Construction / Management) two separate contracts are signed: a supply contract for the process plant and an EPCM contract for the balance-of-plant facilities.

Civil Works — in-depth knowledge in building and concrete construction

Backed by our international experience, civil works professionally covers the areas of building construction and concrete construction. Offered services include design, construction engineering as well as construction management.

Sope of Services

  • Project management of engineering companies and construction companies
  • Design of buildings
  • Functional and static design of civil works
  • Formwork and reinforcement drawings
  • Preparation of tender documents and evaluation of bids
  • Quantity survey for invoicing purposes
  • Execution of civil works for foundations and buildings
  • Supervision of construction on site
  • Design studies for economical solutions and feasibility studies
  • Specification of construction methods
  • Basic and detail design for construction work
  • Sourcing of construction contractors

Main benefits

  • All construction services are perfectly adapted to Primetals Technologies process equipment
  • Various regional requirements for the plant are considered right from the planning phase
  • Coordination of interfaces between construction and installation work is secured
  • Permanent monitoring by experienced experts from Primetals Technologies is provided from the beginning of the planning phase up to the finished project
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Steel Structure — a solid structure from bay steel to tower-like steel structure

Primetals Technologies develops and builds customized steel structure solutions adapted to the specific requirements of metallurgical production plants. Our experience from well over 100 completed plants ensures that your projects will be perfectly executed.

Scope of services

  • Project management of engineering companies and fabrication shops
  • Structural design engineering incl. static and dynamic calculations
  • Shop drawings
  • Preparation of tender documents and evaluation of bids
  • Quantity survey for invoicing purposes
  • Fabrication of steel structure
  • Supervision of fabrication
  • Design studies for economical solutions

Main benefits

  • Optimized solutions tailored to your needs thanks to our extensive experience in construction
  • A design adapted to local conditions as well as to project-specific requirements
  • Efficient project execution ensured by our worldwide procurement together with stringent monitoring
  • Coordination of interfaces between equipment and steel structure
  • Expert supervision from the start of the project up to the completion of the plant
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    •  Bay steel structure
      Bay steel structure
    • Rolling mill
      Rolling mill

Cranes — perfectly organized mobility incl. elevators and vehicles

Mobile components such as cranes play a crucial role in the efficiency of modern metallurgical production. Based on the needs of your production chain, Primetals Technologies provides the suitable cranes and mobile equipment.

Scope of services

  • Establishing main data of cranes, such as:
    • Capacity,
    • Main dimensions and crane outlines,
    • Hook approaches,
    • Operating speeds,
    • Classification,
    • Estimation of wheel loads,
    • Electrical and control systems
  • Coordination of all engineering fields
  • Preparation of tender documents and evaluation of bids
  • Supervision of detail engineering, manufacturing, erection and commissioning
  • Project control and scheduling

Main benefits

  • Interfaces between production equipment and cranes are handled by experienced experts
  • The resulting crane solutions are thus ideally tailored to the needs of metallurgical production
  • Continuous supervision ensures that all requirements are met
  • Our experts accompany you from startup to commissioning and training
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    • Ladle handling
      Ladle handling
    • Teeming crane, stainless steel meltshop
      Teeming crane, stainless steel meltshop

Building Services — optimum and fire-proof working environment

Primetals Technologies building services lay the foundation for optimum productivity of the plant, and create the basis for an optimized working environment.

Scope of services

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Sanitary installations
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Stationary fire extinguishing systems (water, gas, foam or special extinguishing agents)
  • Fire extinguishing water network
  • Smoke and heat removal systems
  • Concepts for escape and rescue routing
  • Safety concepts and fire load calculations

Main benefits

  • Tailored systems are provided for a wide range of metallurgical plants with regard to regional and plantspecific requirements
  • From basic design to commissioning, all building service systems are from a single source
  • Local and global sourcing of components is at your disposal
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    • Roof ventilator for natural ventilation
      Roof ventilator for natural ventilation
    • Chiller units for air conditioning
      Chiller units for air conditioning

Water Treatment Plants

Customized and optimized recycling solutions are provided on the basis of our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the integration of water management systems in production processes. This is backed by our broad knowledge of regional environmental legislation, environmental protection conditions, climatic requirements and customer standards, which we professionally combine with the factor makeup water quality. 

Main Benefits:

  • All systems are optimally integrated into the production plants
  • Single-source responsibility is ensured for the entire metallurgical process
  • Compliance with all environmentally-relevant requirements is guaranteed
  • A total solution provider and a supplier of individual products and components meets all of your requirements.

Utility Systems

We provide our customers with tailor-made utility systems that cover the management of combustible and noncombustible gases, consisting of reduction and/or storage stations as well as specially adapted distribution systems. We also deal with the generation of hot water and steam and the distribution and supply of these media. The high energy-saving potential of utility systems by transforming a waste product (eg water/gas output) into an optimal input for another process is a major focus.

Piping Standardization

In order to coordinate various departments and engineering partners during piping engineering as well as process a large amount of data, we developed computing systems and piping standardization. Piping Standardization comprises 

  • Basic and detail piping specification
  • Valve specification
  • Branch tables
  • Component standards
  • Order specification for all piping materials and valves

The standards are maintained in accordance with DIN/EN and various other standards like GOST. The customized RODIKS software supports material take-off for each pipeline, handling of piping material orders and can be used for all types of lists and management at site.

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Installation Planning and Site Management

For installation planning, site management and site monitoring, our professional handling of the site ensures the quality of the plant and guarantees adherence to both budget and the schedule. Our staff is well trained with regard to health and safety issues. Compliance with international, local, customer and company regulations is mandatory and is assessed on a regular basis.

We cover the full range of Site Management:

Installation Bid

  • Site inspection
  • Technical specification installation (Customer contract)
  • Site time schedule
  • Site staff resource schedule
  • Technical specification installation (inquiry)
  • Installation company assessment
  • Installation and commissioning cost calculation
  • Cost entered in CALCIS
  • Risk evaluation
  • Project handover

Installation Planning

  • Project handover
  • Installation documentation / marking guidelines
  • Installation strategy
  • Technical specification installation
  • Installation company assessment
  • Site infrastructure
  • Installation time schedule
  • Site staff resource schedule
  • Installation documentation
  • Delivery conditions (input)
  • Site management handbook

Site Management

  • General Requirements (EHS-Regulations, Site mobilization, Administration, On site cash and site bank accounts, Regular site reporting)
  • Status report, time schedule, S-curve,  resources, NCRs / change management, invoice verification, cost management, cash/bank report, time sheets, site attendance sheet, site impressions / photos
  • Project closing

Main benefits

  • Experienced engineers, site managers and supervisors with a well-founded and wide range of state-of-the-art experience, as well as cultural awareness are available
  • Selection of erection contractors is optimized in accordance with the scope of work, local conditions and their experience
  • Single point coordination of the entire site activities including time scheduling for an optimized erection time, and budget planning, ensures the lowest possible costs and best possible quality

Reference Story: Brownfield Full Turnkey at MSPKK

AM (Arcelor Mittal), Poland

Type of plant 
Hot-strip mill

Technical data 
2.4 mio t/y

Our solution
Brownfield turnkey project with an extremely short project duration.


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