Castrip twin-roll steel endless rolling technology

Castrip® Technology

Efficient and high-quality flat steel production with innovative twin-roll casting and rolling

The Castrip process is a revolutionary method for producing flat rolled carbon and silicon-steel sheets at very thin thicknesses. Castrip technology allows steel makers to produce thin flat rolled products in significantly fewer process stages, saving money on both initial investment and operating costs. By casting steel close to its final dimensions, enormous savings in time and energy can be realized.


Experience the cutting-edge efficiency of Castrip technology, revolutionizing steel production with innovation and sustainability at its core.

The twin-roll casting technology utilizes two water-cooled copper rolls rotating in opposite directions. A refractory nozzle, positioned between the rolls, delivers molten steel into the gap. Side dams, attached at both ends of the rolls, confine the liquid steel. As the rolls contact the liquid steel, solidification begins and progresses as the rolls move downwards. Two separate steel shells form on each roll and merge into a single sheet at the point where the rolls meet. This steel sheet then passes through pinch rolls and a hot rolling stand, where it is reduced to the required thickness, typically between 0.8 and 2.0mm. The hot rolled sheet then enters a cooling zone, where it undergoes a controlled cooling to attain the desired mechanical properties. Next, the sheet is coiled in one of the two coilers, and a rotary shear cuts the sheet, resulting in a continuous process from the upstream area to the Castrip plant.

Primetals Technologies has partnered with Castrip LLC, now possessing full capabilities and competencies to offer and innovate on all aspects of the Castrip process.

Benefits of the Castrip technology

  • Green steel production: Produce thin gauge sheets (0.8–2.0mm) with zero CO2 emissions and minimal energy consumption, aligning with sustainability goals.
  • Cost-efficiency: Achieve the lowest capital and operating expenses, optimizing your bottom line without compromising quality. Lower your raw material costs significantly by utilizing low-cost scrap and rapid solidification techniques, enhancing your profitability.
  • Flexible capacity: Meet regional demand with ease, boasting a capacity range of 0.5–0.7 mtpy and customizable finished widths from 1,100 to 1,600mm.
  • Space optimization: Optimize space utilization with a compact plant design, adaptable to various locations without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Highest versatility: Adapt seamlessly to any steelmaking route, whether Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) or Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOF), ensuring operational flexibility and resilience. The thin hot rolled steel with high quality and versatility is suitable for further processing such as cold rolling, galvanizing, and painting.
  • Full range of products: Produce low-, medium-, and high-carbon grades plus HSLA and weathering grades with strength ranges up to 1700 MPa as well as silicon steel.
  • High-quality products: A smoother surface compared to conventional hot rolled sheets enhances aesthetics and usability. Achieve compliance with stringent ASTM and ISO standards to deliver superior products suitable for diverse applications, normally reserved for cold rolled sheets. Innovative ultrathin Castrip (UCS) hot rolled coils serve as a viable substitute for cold rolled material or can undergo further cold rolling with minimal passes, allowing for expanded product offerings and increased flexibility.
  • Product portfolio diversification: Expand your offerings with flat-sheet production alongside traditional long products, catering to a wider market.
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Reference Story: State-of-the-art Minimill for flat products

Tyasa, Ixtaczoquitlán, Mexico

Type of plant
A new Minimill equipped with a Quantum Electrical Arc Furnace and Castrip technology

Technical data
Nominal capacity: 500,000 tons per year of flat products
Strip thickness hot rolled: 0.8–2.0mm
Strip width: 1,345–1,680mm

Our solution
Tyasa had a vision to expand from long products to flat products in order to enter new markets. Employing state-of-the-art and eco-friendly steel technologies from Primetals Technologies, Tyasa installed the EAF Quantum, a multi-section long caster, and a Castrip line. Using the revolutionary Castrip process of near-net shape casting and direct rolling technology, Tyasa became the greenest producer of flat products in Mexico and diversified its product portfolio. Tyasa expanded its operations by adding downstream facilities. This enabled the production of sheets, welded pipes, and various galvanized and color-coated final products, establishing itself as a flexible flat producer.
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