Webinar: Raw Mix Analyzer
On-demand Webinar

Digitalizing sinter plants: robotics for optimized raw material preparation

Reliable sample taking is important in times of decreasing raw material quality and the requirement to run the sinter plant at high performance. Gaining information on the moisture level and permeability of the sinter raw mix on a standardized and continuous basis allows to operate the plant with maximum productivity. A robotic device therefore delivers the basis information for the automation and control system of the sinter plant. This sample-taking and analysis system works without an operator and with highest safety standards. Being connected to the implemented controller of the automation system, the system regulates overall performance based on the processed information about the incoming raw materials in automated mode.

Target audience:

  • Sinter plant operators
  • Quality managers
  • Sinter process managers
  • Digitalization officers / Robotics experts
  • Sinter plant managers
  • Automation experts

Key takeaways:

  • Importance of incoming sinter raw materials
  • Importance of moisture and permeability measurement
  • How to stabilize the sinter process
  • How to optimize the production
  • Combining a robot system with the plant's automation system
  • Robot performance in sinter plants




Head of Technology, Agglomeration, Primetals Technologies

Edmund Fehringer developed his technical background during his studies in the field of industrial engineering at the Technical University of Vienna. He joined Primetals Technologies in 2007 and gained sinter plant knowledge through the experience as lead process engineer and commissioning manager. Since 2016 Edmund Fehringer has been leading the technology department of Agglomeration.


Product Lifecycle Manager of Automation for Ironmaking, Primetals Technologies

After finishing his studies of Technical Physics at the University of Linz, Austria, Dieter Bettinger worked as lecturer at different technical universities in Austria. He joined Primetals Technologies (formerly VAI) in 1992, starting as a product manager for energy management and process optimization. From 2008–2014 he headed the Department of Energy and Environmental Care. Since 2015, he has been working as a product lifecycle manager, specializing in automation of ironmaking.


Technical Sales Manager, Agglomeration, Primetals Technologies

Daniel Köpplmayr completed his master’s degree in metallurgy at Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria. He joined Primetals Technologies in 2012 as technical sales manager in the field of agglomeration. Daniel Köpplmayr developed his knowledge through leading the acquisition of several sinter plant projects, working as resident engineer and managing sinter projects.



Vice President of Agglomeration Technologies, Primetals Technologies

Christoph Aichinger has an academic background in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University of Graz, Austria and University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He joined Primetals Technologies (formerly called VAI) in 1995. Since 2007 Christoph Aichinger has been globally responsible for the Agglomeration Business within Primetals Technologies, which comprises sintering, pelletizing and beneficiation technologies.