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On-Demand Webinar

Cold Rolling: How to upgrade for the growing demand of thin AHSS and Electrical Steels

Demand for high-grade electrical steel and thin AHSS is on the rise, especially in the automotive and e-mobility industries. However, rolling high-grade electrical steels is challenging due in part to the embrittling effect of silicon, which can lead to strip breaks. Thus, producing thinner steel products demands the proper amount of experience and expertise. But what else does it take to manufacture these advanced steels? This webinar looks at a selection of unique technological solutions that make the production of grain-oriented and non-grain-oriented electrical steel grades and thinner and harder advanced high-strength steels possible.

Target audience:

  • Silicon and AHSS steel producers
  • Technology and R&D
  • Strategic planning and business development departments
  • Procurement Managers / Investment Managers
  • Operation responsible
  • CTO's / Vice Presidents / Board Level Management

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to improve the production of high-grade electrical steel and thin-gauge AHSS in cold rolling, e.g., improving production of high-grade silicon steel, reducing/eliminating chatter, improving reduction capability, and extending product formats
  • Learn about the latest automation solutions for non-grain oriented (NGO) electrical steel and AHSS
  • Identify opportunities to achieve significant cost savings, reduce energy consumption and extend equipment lifetime




Head Technology & Innovation for Hot Rolling, Pickling and Cold Rolling, Primetals Technologies

Konrad Krimpelstätter leads the R&D efforts that expand and refine the capabilities of the hot and cold rolling innovations of Primetals Technologies. A father of two, holder of many patents, and author of numerous studies and technical papers, Konrad has spent over 17 years in the steel industry and over 21 years in mechanical engineering. He never rests, and he has a Ph.D in technical sciences as well as master’s degrees in mechatronics and in management. 


Head of Technical Sales Cold Mills Europe, Primetals Technologies

Roland Kellermayr holds a master's degree in mechatronic engineering from Linz University of Technology. During the first five years of his career he worked as process engineer at Primetals Technologies in the field of cold rolling. From 2010 to 2020 he was working as a technical sales manager and as lead engineer after successful sales especially in the field of continuous tandem cold mills.In 2020 he was appointed Head of Cold Rolling at Primetals Technologies.  


Sales Manager, Primetals Technologies 

Josef Hofbauer holds a degree in electrical engineering and works as a sales manager and consultant for the electrical and automation sector at Primetals Technologies in Erlangen. He has over 40 years of experience in commissioning, engineering and sales. His focus is on drives, automation and technological control for cold rolling.



Lead Editor and Contributor, Primetals Technologies

Adam Merki joined the communications department at Primetals Technologies in January 2022. Since then, he has contributed several articles and technical papers to the customer magazine of Primetals Technologies, Metals Magazine, and works as an editor preparing articles with colleagues for external publication in trade magazines. He brings an academic background to his work at Primetals Technologies, researching and studying the complex processes in the metals industry to deliver accurate and engaging materials.