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Control pulpit in Tyasa's plant

London, February 07, 2017

Tyasa orders production management solution for steel making plant and new coil production line from Primetals Technologies

  • Production management solution connects steel making plant, billet caster and Castrip based coil production
  • Steers order based production utilizing product routing information and process instructions
  • Seamless material tracking provides genealogy information flat product customers require


Mexican steel producer Tyasa, has awarded Primetals Technologies an order to supply a production management solution (level 3) for its existing steel making plant, billet caster and new Castrip based coil production line in Ixtaczoquitlan. The Production management solution steers the order based production utilizing product routing information and corresponding process instructions for the individual processing units. A seamless material tracking along the entire production route from heat creation in the electric arc furnace down to the final coil product provides Tyasa with the genealogy information customers require for flat products. The project is due for completion by early 2018.


Primetals Technologies' Production Management solution integrates the business level with the automation level by translating sales orders for coils received from SAP into production orders including routing information and process instructions for the production units to allow the product specific setup of the aggregates. Based on released production orders, Tyasa's planning department builds production schedules to be loaded into the system's schedule execution module. After each production step, e.g. producing a new hot rolled coil at Castrip, production results are collected. The horizontal integration of the different automation systems ensures one process step's production feedback is used as part of the process instructions for the next step along the production route. To keep track of work in progress and inventory the solution also consists of a coil yard management module providing a consistent yard image and easy to use material search functions.


Tyasa's new production management solution is based on the product PSImetals, which provides a comprehensive set of modules specifically developed for the metals industry already proven in many installations. The product approach (vs. traditional software development) allows the Primetals Technologies project team to bring in its expertise in plant building and extensive process know how to build a broad and robust production management solution through configuration rather than coding, taking advantage of already existing functionality. Hence, custom coding is reduced to a minimum, shortening projection execution time, while keeping the solution's quality high.


By selecting the Primetals Technologies solution, Tyasa prepared itself for future growth. Already existing product modules can be added to the solution in a short time while the company's production management requirements grow with its size.


Castrip is a registered trademark of Castrip LLC.


Control pulpit in Tyasa's plant in Ixtaczoquitlan, Orizaba, Mexico. Primetals Technologies will supply a production management solution for the steel making plant and the new coil production line (Photo courtesy of Tyasa).


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