Plate Cooling Technologies
On-Demand Webinar

Hybrid plate cooling solutions — unlocking savings and increasing quality

This webinar will provide solutions to the challenges facing steel plate producers in improving profit margins in the current market. Using real life examples from China Steel Corporation, the focus is on the application of hybrid plate cooling solutions that allow significant production cost reduction while also expanding the product mix to more value-added products with minimal capital investment.

Here, hybrid plate cooling solutions is the integration of new MULPIC® (MULti Purpose Interrupted Cooling) technology, for accelerated cooling and direct quenching of steel plates, into existing plate cooling systems. Reducing alloy costs using water cooling during steel plate production is nothing new. However, even plate mills with existing accelerated cooling technology find there is significant scope to reduce costs further using the latest mechatronic and digital technologies.


Target audience:

  • Plate Mill Managers
  • Plate Mill Maintenance Managers
  • Plate Mill Process Engineers
  • Plate Technology Managers
  • Plate R&D Managers
  • Plate Mill Operations & Plant Managers

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the range of challenges facing steel plate producers with and without accelerated cooling systems
  • Learn how the use of low capital investment hybrid cooling solutions providing accelerated cooling and direct quenching can address these challenges
  • See practical examples
  • Learn about how the drive for digitalization has opened up new opportunities to lower the cost of production using accelerated cooling




Head of Process and Commissioning, Primetals Technologies

Andrew has worked for Primetals Technologies for over 30 years. After graduating from Newcastle Upon Tyne University, he started in the continuous casting department as a graduate metallurgist. Andrew is head of the Process and Commissioning Department for the plate and aluminium business based in the United Kingdom. Through his career Andrew has been part of and led many project teams that have designed, built and commissioned machinery for the steel industry in countries all over the world. Currently Andrew is the Technical Sales lead for the MULPIC®, Primetals Technologies’ online cooling machine for mills producing plate products.


Technical Manager Plate & Steckel Mills, Primetals Technologies

Joseph has been working for Primetals Technologies since graduating from The University of Sheffield with a MEng in Materials Science & Engineering in 2005. His early career focused on designing the process and managing the commissioning of plate mill lines, including MULPIC® accelerated cooling equipment. Performing commissioning activities at over 10 different plate mill sites around the world has given him a broad experience of the challenges faced by steel plate producers, both installing new plant and revamping existing installations. Joe then went on to lead the Process and Commissioning Department for steel plate mills before moving into a role managing the bids for new projects. During this time, he completed an MBA at Cranfield School of Management, broadening his strategic and commercial experience helping him assist customers with both the technical aspects and business cases for their investments. Joe is enthusiastic and driven to get the most out of plate mill equipment to meet the demands of the market and the challenges of steel plate producers.



Head of Technology & Innovation, Plate & Aluminium, Primetals Technologies

Sandip has been working for Primetals Technologies for over 25 years. As the Head of Technology and Innovation, he is passionate about transforming engineering solutions by implementing Industry 4.0, developing and commercializing strategic products fit for our customer's current and future market requirement. Before starting his career in the metals industry, he studied Electrical Engineering in premier Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Sandip has a variety of working experience in engineering and automation systems in complex rolling mill projects worldwide and has been instrumental in developing MULPIC® over the last 12 years.