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Integrated electrics and automation solutions for the whole lifetime of metallurgical plants

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of cost-effective automation applications for all iron and steel production units from one single source. Our portfolio includes powerful process control, stable process optimization systems, and combined mechatronics and automation solutions to increase profitability, improve flexibility, and optimize the process and product quality of current and future steelworks.


Powerful process control and optimization systems for reliable and stable plant operation

Our automation solutions combine technological, operational, electrical, and automation expertise and generate improvements throughout the complete value chain of steel producers. Consistent operator guidance and process information across all metallurgical units permit the steady control and optimization of production. Extensive guidance and process information lead to plant-wide standardization for maximized plant performance, availability, and flexibility.


For all plant units in the iron and steel production chain, we offer solutions on all automation levels:

  • Controllers: Basic automation systems (Level 1) control one production unit's production process and can work independently from Optimizers (Level 2 systems)
  • Experts: Fully integrated packages actively intervening in the control of the production process, running in a closed loop, and optimizing functionality for specific parts of a production unit
  • Optimizers: Process optimization system (Level 2) optimizing one entire production unit using comprehensive metallurgical process models
  • Technological packages: Standardized packages combining process technology, mechatronics, and automation
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