Non Ferrous Rolling


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Driven by global demand, the market for aluminum strip and foil continues to grow. China’s demand exceeds that of all other countries and will continue to do so in the coming years. Steady growth in demand for automotive and packaging outside China means plants must continually optimize aluminum rolling processes to stay competitive. Increased rolling speeds and increased plant productivity are key factors for securing your position in the market. Although being able to increase quantity is important, the key factor is quality enhancement. The ability to provide aluminum strip and foil in customized qualities is increasingly crucial. Your customers in aerospace, automotive, commercial transportation and packaging as well as construction require even tighter tolerances. To meet these demands, Primetals Technologies offers a flexible, easily adaptable rolling setup. As your customers’ market needs change, your plant must be capable of adapting. Short delivery times and fast production changeover are key criteria when your customers decide where to place orders. The ability to deal with product changes is therefore a vital factor in the economics of aluminum rolling. Logistic design has to be part of the plant solution, too. In recent years, the price of aluminum has dropped to a relatively unsustainable level resulting in the idling of primary plant. Warehouse stock levels have subsequently dropped from the pre-downturn levels due to sustained demand. Warehouse premiums will start to increase based on the dwindling stocks and low primary production. This means reduction of waste is an important target to maintain a competitive edge. Plant operations need to be optimized to increase capacity and improve quality, whilst decreasing operating costs. Easy maintenance is also important for improving plant availability and strengthening long-term performance.