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Compact and modularly designed billet casters from Primetals Technologies meet the requirements for the production of billet to roll to merchant bars including specialty steels for high-end applications.

Primetals Technologies casters provide more than 2,500 billet strands worldwide. On the basis of this wealth of experience, a full range of caster solutions is available that extend from standard, highly economical machines up to high-tech casters equipped with an array of advanced solutions to meet the demands for maximum productivity, operational flexibility and highest product quality.

Primetals Technologies has revolutionized the design of machine heads for billet casters

The results demonstrate enormous improvements with respect to operational flexibility and maintenance costs. Our high-performance machine head offers top cast product quality and unsurpassed casting line reliability. Modular design ensures minimum size change and turnaround times in combination with maximum production and maintenance flexibility.

The benefits of Primetals Technologies’ billet casting solutions include:

  • Modular design
  • Highest production and maintenance flexibility
  • Automatic, self-tightening water and utility connections for mold and oscillator
  • Highest quality of the cast strands
  • Retractable DynaFlex oscillator for mold exchange during casting
  • Machine design for fast and safe mold exchange

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Electrics and automation for continuous casting

Primetals Technologies offers a comprehensive range of sophisticated automation process control solutions, technological packages and process optimization models that cover all aspects of the continuous casting process.

One outstanding highlight with hundreds of installations worldwide is the well proven LevCon mold level control package. LevCon is the most precise mold level control able to look into the near future. Thanks to the advanced model algorithm, LevCon anticipates casting conditions and automatically adapts to changes. The result is maximum precision in continuous casting and a new level of plant reliability. The intelligent interaction between the advanced software and highly robust mechanical components improves safety and brings plant operators one step closer to fully automatic casting operation.

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Further highlighted technological packages and process experts

  • Quality Expert: a milestone in improved quality supervision, quality prediction and control 
  • Yield Expert: cut length/weight optimization for minimized scrap and optimized yield
  • Nozzle Expert: highest accuracy in detecting clogged nozzles and broken hoses
  • Equipment Expert: well-organized preventive maintenance for the caster equipment
  • Speed Expert: optimal casting speed for increased throughput and improved quality
  • Dynacs3D: dynaSpeed – advanced secondary cooling solutions
  • DynaFlex: hydraulic Oscillator for perfect surface quality 

ECO Solutions for billet casting — Saving resources, creating value

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Get striking results with incremental investments

NameShort Description
ShapeMon Billet Bloom Measuring solution for weight and geometry for billets and blooms
Powder Expert Feeder with high precision powder control in the caster mold
Scrap Torch Cutting Machine Environmentally clean scrap processing
CC Optimizer Process optimization (Level 2) for continuous casting
DynaFlex Hydraulic mold oscillator for continuous casting
Lance Checker Test and diagnosis system for liquid iron and steel measuring devices
LevCon Mold-level control with highest precision for continuous casting
LiquiRob for Casting Robotic solution for continuous casting machines
OsciChecker Portable device for mold oscillation measurement in continuous casting machines
Mold Checker 3D measurement for the inner shape of continuous casting molds
Mold Expert Breakout pre-detection and mold monitoring
OsciMon Online monitoring of mold oscillation in continuous casting machines