Stainless Rolling Mill

Stainless Rolling Mill

Stainless Rolling Mill

High reduction and excellent finish.

Stainless steel is characterized by high strength and an appealing finish. Various mill designs including KZR mill, HZ mill, and 6-high Universal Crown Control Mill (UC-MILL) with small-diameter work rolls are offered in tandem or single reversing configuration, in order to achieve efficient rolling of hard stainless products. For a smooth and aesthetic finish, Finishing Skin-Pass Mills with large diameter work rolls are integrated into Annealing and Pickling Lines (APL) and are also available as stand-alone reversing machines.

Line-up of solutions to effectively roll high-quality stainless products

KZR Mill

The ZR mill is a 20-high roll cluster mill for rolling ultra-thin and/or high-strength material to the required product thickness and strip shape accuracy. Two ultra-small diameter rolls enable the rolling of special material thanks to their small roll indentation.

In a conventional ZR mill, only two backing bearings (B and C) are used for shape control (AS-U system). However, this control capability makes it difficult for high-speed rolling with high rolling reduction. To resolve this, we developed the KZR mill, which has a double AS-U system (A, B and C, D) and effective automatic shape control. Therefore, KZR mill can boost production rates for rolling high-strength material.

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