Aluminum Hot Rolling Mill


Primetals Technologies provides a full range of aluminum hot rolling mills for both new and revamp projects. With our flexible mill configuration, high-quality strip can be rolled in capacities between 100,000 to 800,000 tonnes per annum.

As demand for quality and quantity of rolled aluminum increases; so do the demands on production equipment. Primetals Technologies solution provides a synthesis of mechanical actuators, electrical and automation control systems and applied process know-how to deliver gauge, profile/flatness, temperature, and surface quality with the highest level of consistency.

Our hot mill portfolio and experience comprises:

  • Single and Two-Stand Roughing Mills
  • Twin Coiler Reversing Mills
  • Tandem Finishing Mills (three & four stands)
  • Mini Mills (Integrating Caster with Tandem Finishing Mill)
  • Plate Mills


  • Universal partnership - Primetals Technologies is your single-source supplier for mechanical, electrical and automation equipment.
  • Top Quality - our cutting edge technologies help you improve product quality significantly
  • Greater efficiency - modular automation packages allow you to fine-tune your processes to fit your current needs
  • Higher yield - intelligent process control reduces waste
  • Optimum reliability - comprehensive maintenance and service offerings ensure the highest availability of plant
  • Flexible low-cost rolling of a wide range of products, even for small order lots
  • Integrated health and safety concepts 


To meet the needs of our market, our hot mill solutions feature a range of common technological enhancements to enhance performance, operability, safety and ease of maintenance. These include:

  • Mill stand equipment designed for the highest rolling loads and high main drive torques
  • Mill set-up equipment
  • Hydraulic systems to provide controllable, responsive, precise, safe, and efficient solutions including:
    • Hydraulic gauge control
    • Fully hydraulic vertical edger
    • Work roll bending and shifting
    • Hydraulic shears
    • Hydraulic guides
    • Scratch brush loading
    • Torsion type tension meter for between stands (less hysteresis)
  • Mill automation and process control
  • Pulse width modulated Work Roll Spray Bars
  • Rapid, side shifting Work Roll change
  • Efficient fume hoods and fume extraction
  • Strip coolant blow-off
  • SmartCrown roll contour which guarantees enhanced profile and flatness control
  • Integral Solenoid Valve (ISV) Sprays
  • Filtration system
  • Tension Reel
  • Inspection equipment
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To meet ever increasing demands on quality of rolled aluminium products, plant availability and productivity, Primetals Technologies provides latest developments and enhanced applications for rolling mills. Technological controls and process models are the core of our modern automation concept for improved product quality with maximized utilization of the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other controlled equipment.

  • Improved gauge tolerances 
  • Reduced off-gauge material 
  • Perfect profile and flatness
  • Maximum throughput and availability

Scalable Technological Control Systems 

Highly standardized packages with modular design and defined interfaces.

  • Short delivery times
  • Fast start-up 
  • High product quality and highest yield
  • Modular design (new mills, upgrades, extensions and revamps)
  • Ready for Industry 4.0

Integrated Digital Drive Systems

with full capability of technological and diagnostic performance for drive control using high speed multi-microprocessors. Flexible applications cover a wide range of power and voltage ratings.

Optimum setup for production process control

Precise set-point calculation based on online process models. We combine physical modelling with artificial neural networks – thus combining robustness with high precision.

Primetals Technologies has successfully automated l Aluminum Hot Mills all over the world, cooperating with world-class Aluminum producers. Our references cover all mill types for Aluminium Hot Rolling.


Get striking results with incremental investments

Integrated Solenoid Valve (ISV) Spray System ISV Roll coolant spray bars for hot and cold rolling mill strip flatness control
Coil Eccentricity Expert Elimination of a known strip quality disturbance
EdgeMon Inspection of side-trimmed strip edge surface for steel pickling and processing lines and aluminum rolling
Modular Coil Shuttle System (MCS) Rail-based, fully automated modular coil transport system
Position Transducer Position measurement of rolling mill hydraulic capsule
Roll Eccentricity Expert Elimination of a known strip thickness quality disturbance from rolls
Schneider® Filter Coolant Filtration System for rolling mills
TorqueMon Inline measurement of roll spindle torque for rolling mills