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MULPIC® Process Control

Level 2 and cooling model for plate and steckel mill

  • Improved model adaptation performance using a single efficiency curve, leading to simpler addition of new grades and improved accuracy when changing between products
  • New adaptation function for oscillation cooling mode, improving cooling accuracy for thick plates, e.g. for offshore wind power applications
  • Adjustable ratio of high-density (DQ) flow to medium-density (ACC) flow between banks, allowing for targeted cooling rates in different sections of the machine for the production of advanced high-strength steels
  • Improved feedforward control and performance, eliminating even large temperature variations in the plate/strip, including steckel rolled products
  • Improved temperature uniformity and material yield
  • New Level 2 web-based tuning and reporting interface and tools, accelerating the introduction of new products
  • Low CAPEX investment with quick ROI