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  • Londra, 20.02.2020

    Primetals Technologies riceve l'accettazione finale per la modernizzazione del laminatoio di JSW Steel

    Primetals Technologies ha recentemente ricevuto il certificato di accettazione finale per la modernizzazione del laminatoio per prodotti lunghi di JSW Steel Ltd. a Salem. Cuore del progetto di modernizzazione è il nuovo gruppo sbozzatore reversibile con gabbie Red Ring, che consente di portare a 220 mm la dimensione massima del blumo laminabile. Ciò permette l'ampliamento della gamma dei prodotti laminati come dimensioni e gradi di acciaio. L'elevata rigidezza delle gabbie Red Ring consente una migliore qualità della laminazione, con conseguente riduzione dei difetti e aumento del rendimento metallico.


  • London, 13.01.2020

    Level-2-system from Primetals Technologies digitalizes know-how for Jindal Stainless AOD converter

    Jindal Stainless Ltd. issued the final acceptance certificate for the new level-2-process automation on AOD converter #1 to Primetals Technologies in April 2019. The AOD converter was equipped with a level-1-system and brought into operation by a third party in 2010. Jindal Stainless Ltd. subsequently developed its own solution to optimize the implemented level-2-system. This has now been replaced by a new, comprehensive level-2-system from Primetals Technologies that includes a dynamic process model.


  • London, 05.11.2019

    Primetals Technologies supplies new Arvedi ESP line to steel producer in Chinese Hebei Province

    A Chinese steel producer located in Hebei Province has placed an order with Primetals Technologies for the supply of an Arvedi ESP (Endless Strip Production) line. The casting-rolling facility will be part of a new steelmaking facility with one BOF currently under construction. The Arvedi ESP line is capable of rolling strip to a reproducible strip thicknesses down to 0.7 mm. This will enable the company to produce high-quality, ultra-thin strip to enter new market segments.


  • London, 09.10.2019

    Hot Metal Desulfurization and dedusting system from Primetals Technologies successfully commissioned at ArcelorMittal Monlevade

    Recently, at the production site of Brazilian steel producer ArcelorMittal Monlevade a 130-ton-hot-metal desulfurization station (DeS) and a new dedusting system supplied by Primetals Technologies commenced operation. The desulfurization station represents the first installation of Primetals Technologies combining a volumetric dosing device for Magnesium (Mg) and a pressure dispenser for Calcium Oxide (CaO). Low sulfur levels of lesser than 0,005% (50ppm) can be achieved. The consumption of desulfurization agents is significant reduced and processing times are reduced to less than 30 minutes compared to treatment in a torpedo car.


  • London, 07.10.2019

    Primetals Technologies to modernize Zenith Steel billet caster with SRD segments and technological packages

    Chinese steel producer Zenith Steel Group Co., Ltd. (Zenith Steel) awarded an order to Primetals Technologies to modernize a 10-strand billet caster in its converter steel making plant #3 in Changzhou. The billet caster will be the first one worldwide to be equipped with the new SRD (Single-Roll DynaGap) segments. The SRD segment has been specially developed for use in the area of final solidification, and it enables the upper rolls to be pressed down individually onto the solidifying strand. This enables the final solidification point to be followed precisely.