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Primetals Technologies three-stand aluminum hot mill

London, 28 August 2019

Primetals Technologies supplies aluminum hot rolling mill to BaoWu

  • Wide plate/roughing mill and three-stand hot finishing mill with production capacity of 300,000 metric tons per year
  • Combined plant produces either heavy plate or hot strip
  • Processes all alloys of groups 1xxx to 8xxx
  • SmartCrown ensures narrow profile and flatness tolerances
  • Product range supplemented by special application grades


Primetals Technologies will supply BaoWu Aluminium Technology Ltd., (BaoWu)  a combined aluminum hot rolling mill for the production of heavy plate and strip. Part of BaoWu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd, the highest profile steel producer in China this is the first major investment by BaoWu, following their acquisition of Henan Tongren Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd. and is a clear demonstration of their commitment to the aluminum sector. The new rolling mill will be built in Sanmenxia, in the Henan province, and have an annual production capacity of 300,000 metric tons. It will be capable of processing all aluminum alloys in groups 1xxx to 8xxx especially including aluminum alloys for aerospace and automotive applications. The SmartCrown system will be used, ensuring adherence to the narrow tolerance specifications for the profile and flatness of the hot strip. Commissioning of the rolling mill is already scheduled for the second half of 2020.


The aluminum rolling mill is part of a new integrated production site. Primetals Technologies will be responsible for the overall mill design of the mechanical and electrical systems. The rolling mill will comprise a combined roughing and heavy plate line on which either transfer bars or plates can be produced. The roughing and heavy plate line will handle ingots with thicknesses between 400 and 830 millimeters, widths from 1,050 to 2,650 millimeters and lengths from 2,000 to 8,400 millimeters. The plant can produce heavy plate with a thickness of 12 to 250 millimeters and widths between 1,020 and 4,350 millimeters or transfer bars of 150 meters in length and widths of up to 2,950 millimeters, which will be processed further in the finishing mill. Driving power is twice seven megawatts in the roughing/heavy-plate line. A heavy-duty vertical edger, shear systems for cutting plate and transfer bars, roller tables for the various products areas and equipment for piling plates complete the roughing and heavy plate line.


On the three-stand finishing mill, the transfer bar is rolled down to 2 to 12 millimeters and widths from 1,000 to 2,950 millimeters. The maximum coil weight is 30 metric tons. The three-stand finishing mill main drive has a power rating of seven megawatts on each stand. Narrow profile and flatness tolerances can be achieved with the SmartCrown system from Primetals Technologies.


Primetals Technologies´ scope of supply will also include the fluid systems for hydraulics and coolant, a fume extraction system, the complete drive and MCC (motor control center) system. Additionally the mill will be equipped with basic (level 1) and process (level 2) automation. This includes the latest state of the art technological controls system and the precise mill-setup based on physical models. Primetals Technologies will also be responsible for site supervision and commissioning work and will handle the training of the operating personnel.


SmartCrown is a registered trade mark of Primetals Technologies in certain countries.

Primetals Technologies three-stand aluminum hot mill

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