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London, March 23, 2017

Primetals Technologies modifies continuous caster at Gerdau Cartersville in the USA

  • Conversion will permit casting of an additional beam blank format


Primetals Technologies has received an order from Gerdau to modify the continuous caster at its location in Cartersville, Georgia, USA. The project will give the capability to produce an additional beam blank format. This will allow Gerdau to roll larger finished products for applications in the building and construction industries. Commissioning of the modified plant is scheduled for the end of 2017.


The four-strand continuous caster was installed by Primetals Technologies in 1998/99 and is designed for annual production of 692,000 metric tons. The plant features a curved mold, a machine radius of eight meters and a metallurgical length of 23 meters. Low and medium carbon steels are cast. Up to now it has been possible to produce two billet formats, two bloom formats and one beam blank format. The upcoming modification of the caster by Primetals Technologies will enable casting of an additional beam blank format with larger dimensions.


Primetals Technologies is responsible for the basic and detail engineering as well as the production and supply of new molds, segments, dummy bar systems and the withdrawal unit. Moreover, a new secondary cooling system will be installed that is adapted to the requirements of the additional beam blank format.


Gerdau is the leading maker of long products in the Americas and possesses an installed capacity of 25 million tons of steel per year. Gerdau's plants in the U.S. and Canada possess annual capacity of around 12.4 million tons of finished products, including bars, SBQ (special bar quality) and reinforcing bars, structural steel, flat steels and wire rod. Gerdau Cartersville primarily manufactures sectional steel products such as brackets, channels or wide flange beams.


Primetals Technologies will modify a continuous caster at Gerdau Cartersville, Georgia in the USA. The project will give the capability to produce an additional beam blank format.


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