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Two of our four global businesses managed and operated directly from Linz.

Linz's technological core competencies comprise iron and steel production, continuous casting, continuous strip production, as well as rolling mill technology, automation and software, environmental technologies and mechatronics. In addition, comprehensive tailored customer services are provided worldwide. In the future, automation and digitalization will play an increasingly important role in the steel industry with the networking of plants and their data. As a result, a focus of the work in Linz is the digitalization of all steel production processes.


At Primetals Technologies Austria, exciting work awaits you in an international environment. In Linz, many functions and tasks come together to realise our ambitious projects. We need people with a sense of responsibility and energy, who also enjoy travelling. We are looking for experienced experts as well as technical college (FH) and university graduates but also secondary technical school (HTL) leavers and students completing internships or dissertations. You should bring individuality with the ability to work in a team, as well as a progressive and passionate attitude for the tasks assigned to you.

    We are looking for experts in the following specialist areas:

    Computer Science, Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Process Engineering, Industrial Environmental Protection, Materials Science, Technical Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Digitalization, Customer Relations Management, Sales, Project Management, Financing & Business Administration, International Law, Marketing & E-Business, Communication, Human Resources and pioneers with a similar background.


    A chance for pioneers

    Primetals Technologies Austria is an innovation centre within the company and works intensively with domestic and international research institutions, universities and secondary technical schools (HTLs) to develop innovative technological solutions.


    Our organisation offers flexible working time, good development and earning potential, diverse career opportunities with further education and training, comprehensive social benefits including a company pension scheme and a focus on employee health.

    • Good transport connections to the motorway, train station and airport
    • Easily accessible by public transport
    • Parking for employees
    • Canteen, snack shop and cash dispenser

    Surroundings and free time activities in Linz

    • Linz city centre can be reached by public transport and car within 20 minutes
    • Linz was Capital of Culture 2009 and as a UNESCO City of Media Arts offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities (e.g. Ars Electronica, Klangwolke, the Crossing Europe film festival, the Music Theatre, the Lentos museum of art and the Brucknerhaus, etc.)
    • There are numerous parks and green spaces in the city, as well as on the banks of the Danube and on the Pöstlingberg overlooking the city.
    • Around Linz, the province of Upper Austria offers numerous opportunities for sport, fun and recreation in the countryside and mountains and at the lakes during both summer and winter.


    Recognize your own strengths and what you like to do. Don't make your job decisions dependent on your parents or your friends", says Nicole Oberschmidleitner. She leads the Mechatronic Products Department for Primetals Technologies. "I enjoy going to work because of the variety. For example I deal with technical problems, with mathematical problems as well as employee management and communication."

    Nicole Oberschmidleitner

    Mechatronic Engineer & Head of Mechatronic Products

    Work on what interests you and gain as broad an experience as possible," says Peter Waltersdorfer, Projectmanager for Primetals Technologies. "What makes the job particularly rewarding is taking designs from paper to an operating production plant."

    Peter Waltersdorfer

    International Projectmanager

    Ask lots of questions! Gain as many new experiences as possible," says Anna Mayrhofer, Product Development Engineer for Electrics and Automation at Primetals Technologies. "A personal success that I hadn't expected was receiving a letter from the European Patent Office that I'm recognized as an inventor in a granted patent."

    Anna Mayrhofer

    Product Development Engineer for Electrics and Automation

    Learn as many languages as possible. Concentrate on the things you can influence. Be fully committed to what you do." Ty Chung, Manager of Technical Sales & Consulting International for Primetals Technologies, says that this is the advice that he would give to his 14-year old self. The coolest part of his job is "the contact with a wide variety of internal and external people. As we are an international company I deal with colleagues and customers from many different nationalities."

    Ty Chung

    Manager Technical Sales & Consulting International

    Look beyond your own walls. There are still many people to meet and learn from," advises Richard Benetseder, IT Productmanagement & Software Development. "I like the opportunity to work independently, deciding which topics and projects I prioritise in my work."

    Richard Benetseder

    IT Productmanagement & Software Development

    Be self-confident and trust in your own capabilities and skills. Admit to your mistakes but learn from them," says Christa Strubreiter-Ljutic, Sales Manager for Metallurgical Services for Primetals Technologies. "I like the opportunities to travel, meeting different nationalities and visiting customers around the world."

    Christa Strubreiter-Ljutic

    Sales Manager for Metallurgical Services

    Be open and curious to new technologies but scrutinise them thoroughly before implementation," says Bernhard Voraberger, Head of the Department Technology & Innovation Steelmaking for Primetals Technologies. "The coolest thing about my job is the wide variety in the international environment that we work in and the commissioning of new products."

    Bernhard Voraberger

    Head of Department Technology & Innovation Steelmaking


    We are looking for young employees with enthusiasm, commitment and the willingness to learn something new to implement their capabilities in our business.

    We offer solid apprentice training with in-house supplementary education and external workshops. In addition to professional training, we also develop your interpersonal and communication skills to help you realize your potential. You will see the importance of good communication and develop your own style.

    Having successfully achieved your apprenticeship certificate (with or without Matura) you will have opportunities for further education and promotion. The worldwide success of Primetals Technologies is based on the engagement of committed and enthusiastic employees.

    Grasp your opportunity!

    Grasp your opportunity to start an attractive career with an apprenticeship. We are looking forward to meeting you!


    We are looking for students with enthusiasm and dedication, as well as the willingness to learn and implement the acquired knowledge in the school / university in the company. Above all, we offer internships for applicants with technical training. Interesting for those attending a Technical High School (HTBLA) or technical college / university of mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering, materials science, computer science, etc. However, you can also apply  with a different educational background (HAK, HBLA, AHS, kfm. University, ...).

    Depending on your training speciality, you will be employed for a specific period of at least four to a maximum of eight weeks in the various company divisions from technology to engineering to project management.

    Monthly gross remuneration

    Depending on school or study progress

    School Studentsfrom EUR 1.090,00 to max. EUR 1.963,00
    University Studentsfrom EUR 1.963,00 to max. EUR 2.434,00
    Aliquotes 13./14. renumeration
    Compensation holiday entitlement as monetary compensation


    The vacant internships will be filled in the first two weeks of April.

    If you do not receive a concrete commitment by the beginning of May, we will keep your application in evidence until the end of the holiday. If nominated candidates fail or if additional requirements arise, we will resort to these applications.

    Please note

    The confirmation of receipt, as well as a possible commitment goes to your e-mail address!

    For questions about the internships, please contact us at +43 732 6592-6064 (Ms. Kienbacher).



    Primetals Technologies are part of the collective agreement for employees of industry (mining and iron ore producing industry).

    We recruit through one of our proven recruitment companies.

    We consider every application that shows genuine interest. We want to keep the process short and simple. Therefore we ask you to apply for one of our vacancies directly via this website:

    Your application will be checked in-house. We ask for your patience as many of our managers perform worldwide tasks and travel a lot. If you are invited to an interview we will inform you in good time by e-mail or phone.

    You should complete the short survey on our online portal and attach a cover letter and an informative and current curriculum vitae. For a first review the most relevant diplomas are sufficient. Please don’t attach extensive descriptions or certificates from workshops. It is important to put a picture on the curriculum vitae and to provide current contact information (address, email, mobile phone number).

    No, we usually don’t use such tests, potential assessments or similar procedures. At the beginning of the employment the company doctor will carry out a short medical examination to check your fitness.


    In most cases a rejection is referring to a specific position. You are welcome and invited to declare your interest for a new task or function anytime and apply repeatedly.

    Good marks can indicate target orientation and resilience. High dedication and taking on responsibility are very important for us. Marks themselves are not a criteria.

    Visit us on Whatchado and get more insights about the working world of Primetals Technologies.