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Primetals Technologies U.S. offers a diverse business environment in the North American Region.

We have 14 work locations in the United States, three focused on research and development for the global business. Our technological core competencies comprise a wide range of specialties such as iron and steel production, continuous casting, continuous strip production, non-ferrous rolling, automation as well as environmental technologies and mechatronics. Just around the corner, automation and digitalization will play an increasingly important role in the steel industry through the networking of plants and their data. As a result, the most recent focus of our innovation is the digitalization of all steel production processes.

Primetals Technologies USA

Looking for a company with an inclusive, collaborative, and friendly work environment? You just found it! On any given day, we are working together with our colleagues around the globe to address the needs of our customers. To support those work efforts, we need individuals from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds who are dedicated to integrity, high-quality work and good corporate citizenship.

At Primetals Technologies U.S., exciting tasks await you in a diverse work environment. Many disciplines work together to successfully complete ambitious projects in the United State and abroad. Our success is possible through the engagement of people with energy, a sense of responsibility, and interest in travelling as needed to work with customers and colleagues. We are targeting experienced experts as well as new college graduates with engineering and scientific backgrounds. In addition, we are looking for skilled technicians, such as CNC operators, machinists and welders, for manufacturing and service operations. Individuality, the ability to work well with a team, progressiveness and passion for the tasks assigned to you should be part of your credentials.

    We are looking for Specialists in all of the following areas:

    Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Process Engineering, Automation, Mechatronics, Industrial Environmental Protection, Materials Science, Metallurgy, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Skilled craft-workers, Manufacturing, Operations and Facility Management, Data Science, Digitalization, Machine Learning, Computer Science, Customer Relations Management, Sales, Project Management, Financing & Business Administration, Human Resources, International Law, Marketing & E-Business, Communication, and pioneers with a similar background.

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    A chance for pioneers

    U.S. engineering locations in: Worcester, MA, Canonsburg, PA, Alpharetta, GA, FT Washington, PA, Ghent, KY and service centers in Benton Harbor, MI, Blytheville, AR, Columbus, MS, Decatur, AL, Huger, SC, New London, OH, and Cortland/Warren, OH.


    Our U.S. business offers great career development through further education and on the job training.

    Surroundings and free time activities in America

    • Given the number of locations in the US plus our global operations, individuals have the opportunity to live and work in an environment of their choice.
    • Whatever you prefer, big or small cities, we are able to offer what you are looking for.