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  • London, 30.09.2019

    Primetals Technologies receives FAC for modernized DC twin electric arc furnace at Baosteel in Shanghai, China

    Primetals Technologies has received the final acceptance certificate (FAC) from China's Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. (Baosteel) for the modernization of a more than 20 year old DC twin electric arc furnace at its Shanghai plant. The project involved redesigning both the upper and lower vessels and installing new anodes with increased durability. Improved power efficiency reduces production costs and raw materials can be used more flexibly. It is therefore now possible to operate the electric arc furnace with a hot metal content of up to 90 percent.


  • London, 25.09.2019

    Primetals Technologies vende a Walsin Yantai un laminatoio combinato per acciai inossidabili

    Per rispondere all'aumentata richiesta del mercato cinese di prodotti inossidabili con elevata qualità, Walsin Yantai Stainless Steel Co. Ltd. ha assegnato a Primetals Technologies un contratto per la progettazione e costruzione di un nuovo laminatoio combinato per acciai inossidabili, per la trasformazione di billette provenienti da un impianto esistente in prodotti finiti con precise tolleranze dimensionali ed elevata qualità superficiale. I processi in linea ridurranno i costi di produzione. L’avviamento del nuovo laminatoio è previsto per la fine del 2020.


  • London, 18.09.2019

    Primetals Technologies and Tata Steel Europe complete successful remote commissioning of Level 2 automation for continuous caster CC21

    For the first time in over 50 years of cooperation, Primetals Technologies and Tata Steel Europe have commissioned a Level 2 system for a continuous caster completely online. In mid-July 2019, the new system from Primetals Technologies successfully replaced the existing automation on continuous caster CC21 of Tata Steel Europe in IJmuiden, the Netherlands. At the same time, Primetals Technologies is constructing continuous caster CC23 for Tata Steel Europe in IJmuiden, which will also be equipped with the Level 2 system.


  • London, 04.09.2019

    Primetals Technologies receives FAC for automation upgrades at Gerdau Ouro Branco and conducts Industry 4.0 study

    In late March, Primetals Technologies received the Final Acceptance Certificates (FACs) for automation upgrades conducted on a third-party 6-strand billet caster and two blast furnaces of Gerdau Ouro Branco in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The caster project included the upgrade of outdated level 1 and level 2 systems, resulting in quality improvements, reduced maintenance requirements and operating cost savings. Blast furnaces #1 and #2 were outfitted with a new level 2 process optimization system with a short payback period of several months.


  • London, 28.08.2019

    Primetals Technologies supplies aluminum hot rolling mill to BaoWu

    Primetals Technologies will supply BaoWu Aluminium Technology Ltd., (BaoWu)  a combined aluminum hot rolling mill for the production of heavy plate and strip. Part of BaoWu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd, the highest profile steel producer in China this is the first major investment by BaoWu, following their acquisition of Henan Tongren Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd. and is a clear demonstration of their commitment to the aluminum sector. The new rolling mill will be built in Sanmenxia, in the Henan province, and have an annual production capacity of 300,000 metric tons.