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Casting Special Drives

Mastering drive technology — boost plant efficiency with continuous casting gearboxes

Classroom training

This one-day training course provides participants with a comprehensive insight into drive technology, maintenance and repair for continuous casting plants.

Course description

Hosted by a Primetals Technologies expert in gearing technology, you will learn all about gearboxes for ladle turrets and pinch rolls, encompassing the detailed design of state-of-the-art gearboxes, monitoring under specific operating conditions, as well as aspects of service and repair.

Participants will improve their understanding of the detailed layout and function of the special drives, and will be able to identify problems as well as plan and execute any required maintenance or proper repairing of the gearboxes in continuous casting plants. On completion of the course, participants will be in a position to significantly contribute to increased plant availability.

Target group

Mechanical/maintenance engineers and technicians in continuous casting plants requiring detailed knowledge of their drive technology.

Course outline

  • Understanding of different gear layouts in a continuous casting plant
  • Monitoring of gear drives and acquiring the ability to detect problems
  • Learning the most likely cause of gearbox problems
  • Scheduling maintenance or handling repairs on demand.
  • Performing scheduled maintenance or repair works under time pressure .
  • Scheduled checks and testing after maintenance or repair.


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